Affiliation with SAI

SAI is a comprehensive study abroad organization offering exciting educational opportunities, paired with cultural experiences, in Florence, Rome, London, Paris, Barcelona, Milan, Arezzo, Sorrento and Siena. SAI host schools are considered among the finest in their respective academic disciplines. All SAI programs include university credit and have no language requirement for participation. Well known as the “specialist” in Italy, SAI has expanded its program model outside of Italy to include London, Paris and Barcelona. Our partner host schools support SAI’s mission and program vision for providing creative, hands-on learning abroad. You can be assured that your students’ study abroad experience with SAI will surpass all expectations.

SAI Host Schools:

Florence: Florence University of the Arts (including Apicius School of Culinary and Hospitality Studies)

Rome: John Cabot University and Italiaidea Institute

London: London South Bank University and University of the Arts London

Paris:  Parsons Paris, The New School and The American University of Paris and Paris American Academy and Paris College of Art

Barcelona: Universitat Autonòma de Barcelona and Elisava, Barcelona School of Design and Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Milan: Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti and Domus Academy and Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Arezzo: Accademia Dell’Arte

Sorrento: Sant’Anna Institute

Siena: Siena Italian Studies

Affiliation with SAI is designed as a customized relationship to best support your school’s study abroad mission and structure.

US Offices: With an efficient and professional staff SAI is ready to handle admissions, student advising, registration, housing, customized billing arrangements (including financial aid), visa advising, field trips and excursions, and international health insurance. Our staff works closely with each student and is dedicated to facilitating the best study abroad experience based on each student’s academic and personal goals. SAI works with each affiliate school to ensure an accurate and timely communication of student enrollments, program updates and students’ well-being abroad.

On-Site Offices: Each SAI program has on-site staff dedicated to student services. Our on-site staff coordinates airport pick-up, arrival orientation, cell phone distribution, weekly cultural activities, program inclusive excursions, social and cultural events, as well as advising throughout the study abroad experience. SAI staff maintains a 24/7 emergency support line, and serves as a link to the host school and local culture. The SAI Housing Coordinator ensures that accommodations are comfortable and trouble-free.

Study Abroad Support on Campus: SAI supports its affiliates by participating in study abroad fairs and campus visits. Upon request, an SAI representative would be happy to meet with students, faculty and staff during these visits.

Online Database: SAI provides all affiliate schools with secure, individual access to its extensive database, a key tool in tracking your students. Our aim is to help streamline your study abroad office workload by presenting pertinent information through this simple, efficient web-based interface. The database provides access to each student’s application status, course registration, local address, cell phone number and more. Database access is tailored for each affiliate school.

Enrollment Verification: Prior to each term, SAI sends each affiliate school an enrollment verification email to confirm their students participating in SAI programs. This information can also be accessed at any time using the SAI online database.

Course Syllabi: SAI provides affiliate schools access to all current course syllabi through a password protected section of our website. Affiliate schools may refer to these syllabi for advising students, determining course equivalencies and sharing with departmental faculty or staff.

Special Affiliate Discounts: SAI currently provides a $300 discount to every semester student and $100 discount to every summer student enrolled in an SAI program. Affiliate students must be attending an SAI program included in their affiliation agreement in order to receive the discount.

Tuition Scholarships: Affiliate students are eligible to apply for all SAI tuition scholarships. The application, deadlines and eligibility requirements for these scholarships can be found on our website.

Site Visits: SAI offers our affiliates financial assistance with site visits. Generally speaking, SAI will cover two nights of hotel in each city where an SAI program is visited. We will coordinate the itinerary for your visit to include: meetings with SAI staff and with host school faculty and staff, tour of facilities, classroom visits, student apartment visits, etc. SAI can also assist with additional on-site travel details, such as securing private transportation between cities or to/from the airport, although we regret that we are not able to assume these costs.

Customized Study Abroad Programs: SAI provides affiliate schools interested in developing their own study abroad program with an established infrastructure and the necessary components:

  1. Experienced, on-site personnel as well as a dedicated and experienced faculty
  2. Access to school facilities, including: computer labs, library, student lounge, administrative offices, faculty room, internet services, photography lab, classrooms equipped with projection equipment, etc.
  3. Assistance with local transportation, locating suitable and affordable housing, assistance with visas and the Permesso di Soggiorno (Permission to Stay) documents in Italy, facilitating the purchase of health insurance, excursion planning, cultural events, orientation and more
  4. Customized programs may be developed for all of our program sites, as well as other cities
  5. Program terms include: fall semester, spring semester and summer sessions

For additional information on SAI Affiliation, please contact us at or call 800.655.8965.