How to Eat with Dietary Restrictions in Italy

Lauren, Fall 2021, Florence

Oh, Italy. The land of pizza, pasta, and all things gluten. This should be such a lovely experience for all food lovers, however, there is just one issue. I have Celiac Disease. I know what you may be thinking, “Why on Earth would you study abroad in Italy!” The thing is… they are actually quite accommodating.

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European Travel on a Budget

Amanda, SAI Assistant Admissions Counselor

SAI caught up with SAI Assistant Admissions Counselor Amanda Roscoe, who provides some helpful options for budget-friendly travel in Europe.  Living in Europe as an American brings a lot of unexpected surprises. Try finding an open pharmacy, bank, or grocery store on a Sunday, for example. The Europeans tend to take leisure a lot more seriously than we do in the States. Vacation and time spent with family are very important.

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