Barcelona Internships
Summer 6 weeks Virtual Internship 2020

SAI’s non-credit virtual summer internship program invites participants to hone their professional skills through an online experience with a Barcelona-based company. Interns will develop tangible skills in their chosen field, while gaining a competitive advantage in the global workforce by demonstrating cross-cultural competencies. While Spanish language proficiency is not required, it may open up more internship options.

Application: now open
Closes: May 15 2020
Apps accepted on a rolling basis, and after closing as space permits

Application Requirements
Online application
Supplemental internship app
Professional cover letter (see App Reqs)
Resume (see App Reqs)
Letter of rec (see App Reqs)
Scan of ID (passport, driver’s license)
EU privacy consent form


  • High quality internships are available in a variety of fields, including online marketing and promotion.
  • Gain real-world skills through an internship with a Barcelona-based company.
  • Receive SAI support and guidance throughout the duration of your internship.

Program Dates
June 22, 2020 – July 31, 2020

Eligibility Requirements

Age: 18+

Academic Year: Sophomore or above (at least 2 completed semesters at application).

*contact SAI if you don’t meet requirements

Cumulative GPA:* 2.75 (on a 4.0 scale)

Spanish Language: Spanish language is not required, but it is helpful for expanding options.

Below please find more detail on the application requirements for this program:

Professional cover letter: The professional cover letter should include a self-introduction, as well as information about your professional sector of interest, and any reference contacts you wish to provide. The statement should also should outline why you have chosen this particular program. Tell us about the goals you have set for yourself and how this virtual internship will help you to accomplish them.

Resume: The resume should include a comprehensive description of your academic and professional experience to date. Feel free to include information about any special skills you possess.

Letter of recommendation: Please provide one letter of recommendation. It may be from a professor, university staff, or former workplace supervisor. Please do not provide a recommendation from a family member or social acquaintance; this recommendation should be academic or professional in nature.

Interview: Once your application is complete, you SAI Admissions Counselor will schedule a time for an online interview. This interview is an opportunity to discuss your goals for the internship, as well as a chance for you to ask any questions you may have about the internship placement process. A Spanish language assessment may also be conducted during this interview, if applicable.

The SAI virtual internship program is unpaid and not for academic credit. Participants who wish to petition their home institution for academic credit may do so and SAI is happy to support the effort by providing additional documents. Please contact your SAI Admissions Counselor for more information.

Internships are available in a variety of fields, including online marketing, digital promotion, and social media management. The virtual internship program is project-based, so the total number of hours worked per week may vary. This virtual internship program is designed for college students and young professionals who wish to compress significant professional experience into a relatively short period of time, and who are experienced self-starters.

To ensure maximum benefit from the internships, participants will reflect on their experiences throughout the term.  Such guided reflection will consist of various assignments and self-evaluation exercises, bi-weekly virtual meetings with the SAI Internship Mentor, and keeping a “work journal” throughout the course of the term. A detailed syllabus is available upon request.

Upon successful completion of the virtual internship program, participants will receive a certificate of completion and a letter of recommendation from SAI.

Pre-Session Calendar
May 15 2020
Application Closes
Applications accepted after closing as space permits.
Upon placement acceptance
Placement Confirmation Deposit Due
$650 deposit (non-refundable, applied toward program fee) to signal the student’s acceptance of the internship placement offered.
June 2 2020
Balance of Total Program Fee Due

Session Calendar
June 22 2020
Virtual orientation
June 23 2020
Internship begins
July 3 2020
SAI Internship Mentor Meeting #1
July 10 2020
Midterm SAI Internship Mentor Meeting
July 17 2020
SAI Internship Mentor Meeting #2
July 31 2020
Internship Ends and final SAI Internship Mentor Meeting
SAI Program Fees* USD
Application Fee $50
Virtual Program Fee: Internship (non-credit)
Includes internship placement and SAI Signature Virtual Services (see What’s Included).

*prices are subject to change

All students who complete a virtual program with SAI are eligible for a Virtual Programs Alumni Discount to be applied to any future on-site programs: $350 for semester/quarter programs, and $150 for summer and short programs.

Note: certain SAI-affiliated US universities require specific payment arrangements. These may require that some fees are paid by the student directly to SAI, and other fees are paid to SAI by the affiliated university on behalf of the student. If you attend an SAI-affiliated university please contact your study abroad office or speak with your SAI Admissions Counselor for details.

This is an SAI Signature Virtual Services program and includes the following services:

  • Virtual internship placement for 6 weeks
  • Orientation at the start of the term
  • SAI Virtual Program Coordinator, providing personal assistance throughout the term
  • SAI Virtual Viva Experience: opportunities for virtual cultural engagement
  • Regular internship supervisor check-ins
  • Periodic seminars covering business culture and professional development mentoring
  • Regular newsletters with culturally relevant information and updates

Pre-session and alumni services

  • US-based admissions counselor assigned to you, providing friendly assistance
  • Online student groups to acquaint you with other SAI students
  • Virtual programs alumni discount on future on-site programs
  • SAI Ambassador Program for SAI alumni, with paid internship opportunities
  • SAI alumni network membership
  • SAI alumni career center resources

About SAI

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