Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Fall Semester Virtual Elective 2020
Fall Semester VP / 3 - 6 credits

The SAI Fall 2020 semester virtual program at UAB is a flexible and convenient way to earn credits from home while experiencing the exceptional academics of this world-renowned university. The elective courses offered by UAB have been carefully adapted for remote delivery and give students insight into Barcelona’s local perspectives, practices and cultures. Students learn new skills while engaging with online material, fellow students and professors. Students enrolled in this program select 1 or 2 courses for a total of 3 – 6 US credits.

Application: now open
Closes: August 15, 2020
Apps accepted on a rolling basis, but students are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

Application Requirements
Online application
Official transcript
Passport scan (photo page)
Digital photo (passport style)
EU privacy consent form


  • Take part in a virtual orientation program to get to know your online community and take a virtual campus tour.
  • Study a variety of subject areas with UAB’s world-class teaching faculty.

Program Dates
October 4, 2020 – December 18, 2020

Eligibility Requirements

Age: 18+

Academic Year: Sophomore or above (at least 2 completed semesters at application).

*contact SAI if you don’t meet requirements

Cumulative GPA:* 2.75 (on a 4.0 scale)

English Language:* Non-native English language speakers must submit TOEFL: 65+ or equivalent.



3.0 Credits
Architecture | Course #: SA3029E | Open
Discover the fascinating history behind Catalonia’s capital city through the eyes of a local historian. The study of Barcelona’s urban planning and architecture is set in a historical, political and social framework starting from the city’s origins in Roman times to its present-day status as an innovative, world-famous metropolis.

This course includes virtual tours of the fascinating city of Barcelona.
Contact Hours: 45
3.0 Credits
Art | Course #: SA3045S | Open
Pre-requisite: Taught in Spanish: requires B2 level Spanish proficiency, generally equivalent to successful completion through at least SPAN 302.
El principal objetivo de este curso es proporcionar herramientas conceptuales para comprender las creaciones artisticas de diferentes momentos historicos en el arte espanol. Empezando el recorrido del arte espanol desde el legado griego y llegando a la posmodernidad, valoraremos sus características formales y su significado. Analizaremos las conexiones de los fenómenos artísticos con otras manifestaciones culturales, asi como con la política, la sociedad, la filosofía, la religion y la economia para tener una amplia vision de todo el contexto.
Contact Hours: 45


3.0 Credits
Business | Course #: SA2009E | Open
The main aim of this course is to become familiar with different marketing strategies within the context of international markets. You will explore all the challenges faced in international markets (cultural differences, economic systems, financial markets, governments, and legal systems), and work on the notion of building a knowledge base through international marketing research. You will gain insight into modes of entry into foreign markets and how to apply the 4Ps of marketing to different sectors of business.

Case studies of different market sectors and countries are used to link theory with practice.
Contact Hours: 45
3.0 Credits
Business | Course #: SA2017E | Open
In a rapidly changing world IT is having more of a permanent and far-reaching effect than any other technology in the history of humanity. This course examines major concepts behind E-Commerce, including its technological foundation, business models and strategies, digital marketing and advertising, as well as the related ethical and legal issues.

Using a combination of lectures, readings, case studies and experiential learning through group projects, this course has been designed to give the student a hands-on experience.
Contact Hours: 45
3.0 Credits
Business | Course #: SA2041E | Open
This course will help you develop managerial competencies required to succeed in a global business environment. Develop your own style within a diverse, multicultural context while identifying and adopting the key characteristics of successful leaders.

Problem solving and decision-making are practiced in self-directed collaborative teams, with reflection and feedback as part of the learning process to help you internalize the main concepts. The instructor is a psychologist and executive coach with vast experience in leading and inspiring international teams.
Contact Hours: 45
3.0 Credits
Business | Course #: SA3031S | Open
Pre-requisite: Taught in Spanish: requires B2 level Spanish proficiency, generally equivalent to successful completion through at least SPAN 302.
El Marketing de productos y servicios es un fenomeno fascinante, trascendiendo las fronteras politicas y geograficas. Este curso se centra en la estrategia de marketing y gestion en el contexto de los mercados internacionales. Introduce la compleja realidad de la comercializacion internacional que esta en constante evolucion. Evalua como las diferencias culturales, sociales, legales y economicas se relacionan con el marketing.
Su objetivo es mejorar las competencias del estudiante en el desarrollo y aplicacion de estrategias de comercializacion y la toma de decisiones en el contexto internacional.
Contact Hours: 45
3.0 Credits
Business | Course #: SA3032S | Open
Pre-requisite: Taught in Spanish: requires B2 level Spanish proficiency, generally equivalent to successful completion through at least SPAN 302.
Al trabajar con personas de diferentes culturas es imprescindible ser consciente de que hay diferencias culturales que pueden afectar el rendimiento de los equipos. Si se reconocen y comprenden formas de pensar, comunicar y trabajar diferentes a las propias, y se practican habilidades interculturales, se mejora la comunicación, se previenen conflictos y se aumenta de forma significativa la eficacia y eficiencia del trabajo conjunto. El objetivo general del curso es desarrollar la competencia intercultural para facilitar los contactos en el extranjero en un entorno profesional y multicultural.
Contact Hours: 45
3.0 Credits
International Business | Course #: SA3047S | Open
Pre-requisite: Taught in Spanish: requires B2 level Spanish proficiency, generally equivalent to successful completion through at least SPAN 302.
La asignatura explora todos los elementos imprescindibles para organizar todo tipo de acto, como un congreso, un debate, un simposio, o una conferencia. Se centra en la organizacion de cualquier tipo de eventos en sus diferentes modalidades y dimensiones, tanto si se desarrollan en un formato presencial como en un formato virtual.
Contact Hours: 45


3.0 Credits
Communication | Course #: SA3049E | Open
In a global world successful communication between international colleagues is key to developing successful business and personal relationships. This course explores the skills and knowledge that will increase your understanding and awareness of the impact of culture on communication.

Increase your self-awareness by recognizing your own cultural values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. Develop your cultural knowledge and other-awareness to observe and identify the roles, behaviors, attitudes, and cultural orientations of your counterparts and work on strategies to maximize your intercultural competence.
Contact Hours: 45


3.0 Credits
History | Course #: SA3023E | Open
This course provides a wide view of Spanish history and its cultural and artistic evolution from prehistory to the present, culminating in an in-depth examination of the current sociological and political situation. You will learn how Spain changed from being a polarized country in constant distress to becoming a fully modern, westernized country. This course draws on History, Sociology, Anthropology and Politics to foster a true understanding of Spanish culture.
Contact Hours: 45


3.0 Credits
Spanish Language | Course #: SA1003S | Open
Pre-requisite: Taught in Spanish: - intermediate Spanish language required (B1.2 minimum), determined via placement test
This course is aimed at students who want to improve Spanish language, focused primarily in the field of Business. After completing this course, students will have the language skills needed to navigate the scope of the Hispanic business world.
Contact Hours: 45

Courses & Schedule
Virtual courses at UAB are generally offered Monday through Friday and students select one or two courses from an array of elective courses. Teaching methodologies are varied, according to the different subjects offered, but may include some of the following elements:

  • Teacher-led classes (streamed and recorded)
  • Narrated presentations
  • Short videos for demonstrations or presenting concepts
  • Group work in break-out rooms
  • Debates
  • Individual and group projects
  • Self-study
  • Q&A sessions
  • Tutorials

Occasionally, guest speakers are invited to complement the instructors’ content through live sessions where students have the opportunity to interact with local or international experts. Two live-streamed class sessions are scheduled each week (after 5:00pm Barcelona time) and classes will be recorded to make them available to students who are unable to attend the live sessions.

Enrollment in each virtual class will be capped at 30 students.

Course Registration
Please note that course registration is done on a rolling basis, so students who apply early are more likely to get into their preferred class(es).

Pre-Session Calendar
August 15 2020
Application Closes
Applications accepted until May 15 as space permits.
Within 1 week of acceptance
SAI Deposit Due
$250 Confirmation Deposit (applied toward program fee)
September 4 2020
SAI Financial Aid Verification Deadline
Students wishing to defer payment until financial aid disbursement must submit the financial aid verification forms to SAI by this date.
September 9 2020
Balance of Total Program Fee Due

Session Calendar
October 4 2020
SAI Online Orientation
October 5 2020
UAB Online Orientation & Virtual Welcome Event
Students get to know their instructors and classmates during a virtual orientation, including a digital campus tour.
October 5 2020
Classes Begin
October 12 2020
Holiday – no classes
December 8 2020
Holiday – no classes
December 18 2020
Finals End & Program Completion
SAI Program Fees* USD
Application Fee $50
Security Deposit
Refundable at the end of the term.
Virtual Program Fee: 3 credits
Includes tuition, U.S. credit, and SAI 360° Virtual Services (see What’s Included).
Virtual Program Fee: 6 credits
Includes tuition, U.S. credit, and SAI 360° Virtual Services (see What’s Included).

*prices are subject to change

All students who complete a virtual program with SAI are eligible for a Virtual Programs Alumni Discount to be applied to any future on-site programs: $350 for semester/quarter programs, and $150 for summer and short programs.

Note: certain SAI-affiliated US universities require specific payment arrangements. These may require that some fees are paid by the student directly to SAI, and other fees are paid to SAI by the affiliated university on behalf of the student. If you attend an SAI-affiliated university please contact your study abroad office or speak with your SAI Admissions Counselor for details.

This is an SAI 360° Virtual Services program and includes the following services:

  • Program tuition for virtual coursework
  • U.S. academic credit
  • Orientation at the start of the term
  • SAI Virtual Program Coordinator, providing personal assistance throughout the term
  • SAI Virtual Viva Experience: opportunities for virtual cultural engagement
  • Regular newsletters with culturally relevant information and updates

Pre-session and alumni services

  • US-based admissions counselor assigned to you, providing friendly assistance
  • Online student groups to acquaint you with other SAI students
  • Assistance with financial aid processing
  • Virtual programs alumni discount on future on-site programs
  • SAI Ambassador Program for SAI alumni, with paid internship opportunities
  • SAI alumni network membership

About SAI

SAI is dedicated to providing academic and cultural learning experiences abroad that enhance global awareness, professional development and social responsibility. We concentrate our programs in Europe, with a focus on in-depth learning of individual European countries and their unique global role in the geopolitical economy, humanities, and in the arts.