A Few Favorites in London
Tori, London, Spring 2016
March 1, 2016

Just like everyone warned me it would, time is flying by! I’ve started a new round of 3 classes, each with really exciting projects and have even gotten the opportunity to venture outside of London a bit stopping in Copenhagen, Warwick, Oxford and Stratford Upon Avon. I’m actually booking tickets for a weekend trip to the Netherlands as I type this. As connected London is to the area around it, there are plenty of amazing reasons to stay in the city. Let me tell you about a few of my favourite!

Central Saint Martins, Kings Cross Campus

Not to be cheesy, but I really love the main campus of my school. The building was a converted shopping centre so it is very open and full of really dedicated, creative students. As much as I enjoy a night out, I really enjoy the nights I spend in the 24 hour library. Not mention, theres always a light show going on in the fountains outside!

The Underground 

While technically this place isn’t a set location (its pretty much everywhere) I cannot stress enough how great the underground system is. For just a few pounds, you can cross London within minutes- no need for a car or bike. Coming from the suburbs, having this kind of access to the areas around me is almost unheard of.

Tori - Spring 16 - London

Beigel Bake

Bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese are one of my all-time favourite foods, and this place beats all other shops out in both taste and price. No where else will you find (or at least I haven’t) a lunch this good for only £1.60- not to mention all the other delicious- even cheaper- pastries! Honestly, it’s a good thing the shop is a little out of the way from me.

Tori - Spring 16 - London

Camden Market

The moment I spotted Camden market I felt at home. The area is a bustle with clothing, art, shoes, all sorts of doodads and, of course, the most amazing selection of food I’ve ever seen. With deals like tapestries for £8 and blankets for £6, it’s not hard to see why I’m going to have a hard time bringing my luggage home. My only advice is if you see something unique that you want, get it while you can. The market is a labyrinth, the chances of finding that special stall again are not in your favour!

Euston Tap / Cider Tap

When in England you have to at least try cider! One of my most recommend places is the Euston Tap conveniently located right outside of Euston station (a huge bus and underground hub). The two buildings sit right across from each other with a small interior consisting mainly of the bar. The real atmosphere is hanging out outside talking with everyone around!

Tori - Spring 16 - London

Tate Modern

I cannot seem to stay away from here! They have an amazing display of all sorts of modern art, as well as a nice atmosphere in general. Located right along the river Thames the Tate is in a great location to stop into when viewing some of the more common tourist sites. With highly regarded works from artists like Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol it’s even a fun place to go for those who aren’t very into the art scene. But if you are definitely check out the next place…

White Cube 

The White Cube is a small gallery with insanely interesting array of works. They have only 3 rooms, but each is filled with powerful messages. Located in Southwark it’s a stones throw away from some of the cities main attractions.

Tori - Spring 16 - London

Russell Square

One of the nice things about London is tucked into the hustle and bustle of the city are beautiful parks. These are a great place to escape to for a few minutes to drink a coffee or eat lunch. One of of the more lively parks I’ve encountered is Russell Square. Every morning as I walk through on the way to school and am always greeted by some dogs, a pack of children, or at the least a flock of pidgins.

Tori - Spring 16 - London


Holborn is a lively area full of good food, lots of student housing, and a variety of night life. Although I do not live in student housing, it’s convenient location makes it a fun place to hang out after classes with my friends who do live in there area. Some of my favourite features is the surplus of colourful graffiti and PoundLine (the english version of a dollar store) which has an amazing candy selection (hello Haribos!).

Borough Market

Well, we all knew this was coming. Borough market is one of the most famous markets in London. Although its a little more pricey, you can get a lot of specialty items here such as fancy salt and high quality cheese and meats. There is also enough free samples to make a meal if you walk around enough times. ;D

Bonus- Somewhere I can not wait to go!

The Gallery at Sketch 

Ever since I first saw one of his sarcastic scribbles I have been a die-hard David Shrigley fan. In 2012 a small restaurant Sketch commissioned him to decorate their pink, Wes Anderson-esque gallery room. Having designed 239 pieces, as well as everything from the plates to salt and pepper shakers, this room is truly a glimpse into this mans mind- as well as a masterpiece. You can bet I’ll be stopping by as soon as I can!

Well, that’s just about all for now, I hope I’ve inspired you to add a few places to your London bucket list! Until next month,


Tori is a current student at Rochester Institute of Technology studying at University of the Arts London during the Spring 2016 term.

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