Study in the world’s cultural capital

London is a global cultural capital, an extraordinary city filled with artistic and cultural expression. It is considered the most cosmopolitan city on earth, and is the world’s most visited city. Situated on the River Thames, London is a hub of diversity, attracting people from around the world. The city’s exciting daily life and cultural institutions are an important part of its experience. The historical elements of Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace are experienced alongside newer attractions like the London Eye and the Tate Modern gallery.

Students studying in London have a global experience at their fingertips. Cuisine from every corner of the world is available, festival and theater performances are at every turn, cutting-edge art and fashion pour out into the streets, and today’s global companies bustle alongside historical monuments such as St. Paul’s Cathedral. SAI students benefit from a diverse offering of partner schools in London: University of Westminster, London South Bank University, and the six colleges that make up the University of the Arts London. SAI London on-site staff are available to students offering advising and support, as well as introducing visiting students to the beauty of this city through activities, including walking tours, wine tasting, and museum visits, and weekend trips to Stratford-Upon-Avon or Stonehenge.

Student Life

London is a large city and can seem daunting at first, but students quickly find that it has a place for everyone. The city’s efficient underground metro, which is the oldest in the world, and its iconic double-decker buses make it easy to move about and explore the 32 boroughs, each with their own flavor and culture. London also offers students incredible accessibility to Europe—with four airports and the efficient train system, Europe is truly on London’s doorstep. SAI London students wishing to get involved in the community have ample opportunities to do so by joining clubs through their college’s student union.

About SAI

SAI Programs is dedicated to providing academic and cultural learning experiences abroad that enhance global awareness, professional development and social responsibility. We concentrate our programs in Europe, with a focus on in-depth learning of individual European countries and their unique global role in the geopolitical economy, humanities, and in the arts.