UAL Camberwell College of Arts
Fall Semester Integrated 2017
12 - 15 credits

Semester students at Camberwell follow a set curriculum and are fully integrated into the degree courses, studying alongside degree seeking students. Students select a program area from 3d design, fine arts, graphic design, or photography subjects, and are placed in year 1 or 2 based on experience. Students complete 12 credits of pre-determined full time coursework in that area of study. Students can also choose to add a 3 credit Art History or Creative Industries course for a total of 15 credits.

Application Deadline
June 1, 2017
Apps accepted after deadline as space permits

Application Requirements
Complete online application
Personal statement (300-500 words)
Official transcript
One academic letter of recommendation
Digital portfolio (see Academics)
Passport scan (photo page)
Digital photo (passport style)


  • Practical learning environment
  • Work in your own student studio space
  • Optional 3 week course add-on: European Art History (includes a trip to Berlin!)

Program Dates
September 22, 2017 – December 9, 2017
Note: optional add-on has alternate arrival date

Eligibility Requirements

Age: 18

Academic Year: Sophomore (2nd year) or above

* contact SAI if you don’t meet requirements

Cumulative GPA:* 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale)

English Language: Non-native English language speakers must submit IELTS: 6.5+ (5.5+ in each skill area), or proof of study in the US for 1+ year.

Program overviews encompass full 3 year degree programs. Study abroad students are placed into year 1 or year 2 of the programs based on portfolio review. For course details please see here.

3D Design
3D Design at Camberwell College of Arts offers students the chance to explore the emotional connection we have to objects. To develop our students’ practical skills, making is placed firmly at the centre of design production and is combined with a critical and investigative approach to objects. While studying 3D Design at Camberwell students can expect:

  • To develop an interdisciplinary approach to design, drawing from areas as diverse as anthropology, architecture, craft production, fine art and interior design
  • To focus on small batch production and the one-off elements within design
  • A programme of visiting speakers made up of practicing designers and makers, who introduce students to a broad range of contemporary work
  • A strong industry focus, with recent course collaborations with the V & A Museum, Wentworth Pewter, Hakuhodo (Japanese Advertising Agency) and Kokuyo (Japanese furniture company)
  • An extensive series of visits to cultural establishments in London, as well as overseas trips that have previously included the Milan and Stockholm Furniture Fairs
  • To develop and produce a professional portfolio that will further our students future careers

Program overviews encompass full 3 year degree programs. Study abroad students are placed into year 1 or year 2 of the programs based on portfolio review. For course details please see here.

Drawing at Camberwell College of Arts teaches drawing as an extension of thinking. Students develop their understanding of the subject in relation to wider issues in art, and are encouraged to look at how drawing is used in other disciplines such as architecture, choreography, mathematics and science. While studying Drawing at Camberwell students can expect:

  • To explore drawing as an end in itself, as well as a means for exploring other modes of art practice like film, installation, performance and sculpture
  • To initiate and organise external projects, where students learn vital professional skills and develop a better understanding of context for their work
  • Cross-course crits and tutorials, with second year activities and exhibitions giving Drawing students the chance to discuss their work with their Fine Art programme peers studying Painting, Photography and Sculpture
  • To test how their artworks are installed, received and understood by participating in an external exhibition with students from across the BA Fine Art programme
  • A Fine Art lecture series open to all Camberwell undergraduate students studying Drawing, Painting, Photography and Sculpture

Taught studio sessions that complement students’ work on:

  • Drawing and body movement: an exploration of the subject in relation to choreographic notation and dance
  • Life drawing
  • Linear perspective, focusing on the depiction of figures and objects in space
  • Orthographic projection drawing, using measurement to translate objects and spaces into lines

Fine Art: Painting
Painting at Camberwell College of Arts encourages students to embrace the possibilities for continued reinvention of this medium, while also looking to painting’s long and rich history for inspiration. While studying Painting at Camberwell students can expect:

  • To study the practice of painting, its history, culture and contemporary position, as part of Camberwell’s Fine Art programme
  • To make work and discuss it through individual tutorials, group and cross-course critiques, and seminars in a specialist studio environment
  • To study the methods and materials of painting through practical workshops and demonstrations by artists, technicians and conservators, working with our partners across London such as Dulwich Picture Gallery and Tate Conservation
  • To have access to workshops in printmaking, photography, film and moving image, wood and metalwork and digital  acilities, to enable our students to think of painting in its’ most expanded form and its relationship to other art forms
  • To participate in subject specific and cross course contextual studies programmes, to enable students to have the critical knowledge and theoretical and historical understanding of contemporary Fine Art practice
  • To test how paintings and artworks are installed, received and understood professionally by participating in an external exhibition and collaborating with peers across the Fine Art programme in the development and implementation of other external group projects
  • To attend both a programme wide Fine Art lecture series and subject specific lectures, seminars and subject-specific field trips

Painting workshops encourage students to explore:

  • The properties, uses and best practice when working with traditional oil and acrylic paints
  • How contemporary artists use Old Master processes and techniques
  • How contemporary and historic painter’s have used and understood colour within their artworks

Fine Art: Sculpture
Sculpture at Camberwell College of Arts encourages active and practical speculation on how far contemporary sculpture as a subject can be defined and expanded. The course allows students to thoroughly explore sculpture in a broader art context, and focuses on making work as well as investigating a full range of sculpting materials. While studying Painting at Camberwell students can expect:

  • A dynamic studio-based culture, where they rigorously investigate the potential of materials
  • Practical work complemented by a range of activities including seminars, critiques, talks and gallery visits led by course tutors, international practitioners, artists and curators
  • To test how artworks are installed, received and understood by participating in an external exhibition with students from across Camberwell’s Fine Art programme
  • To consider what a ‘socially engaged’ art practice might be, and reflect on how artworks operate in the world and are received by specific audiences
  • A Fine Art lecture series open to all Camberwell undergraduate students studying Drawing, Painting, Photography and Sculpture

Program overviews encompass full 3 year degree programs. Study abroad students are placed into year 1 or year 2 of the programs based on portfolio review. For course details please see here.

Graphic Design
Graphic Design at Camberwell College of Arts focuses on challenging convention. Students are encouraged to experiment, develop their own distinct voice and look for appropriate methods of producing work. The course is run in close collaboration with the city’s graphic design industry, giving students the skills and professional exposure to prepare them for their future careers. While studying Graphic Design at Camberwell students can expect:

  • To produce wide ranging projects ranging from the commercially focused to the more experimental, as well as engaging with the principles of social, political, commercial and industrial debates
  • To produce process driven work across different areas of communication design such as typography, book design, print, exhibition graphics, interactive, motion graphics and video
  • A series of key ideas lectures, which introduce important questions and theories that underpin contemporary art and design
  • Course tutors from a range of different disciplines, including artists, designers and filmmakers. The second year of this course is taught by Europa, a London-based graphic design company
  • To work with influential design and advertising agencies Camberwell has established links with, which also enables our students to take up work placements with these companies

Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts takes an innovative, experimental and critical approach to the broad practice of illustration. Students are encouraged to challenge the position of the illustrator within commercial, social, political and cultural contexts whilst maintaining and developing the core values that underpin the practice. While studying Illustration at Camberwell students can expect:

  • To develop their understanding of the key principles, themes and debates that define illustration through practical experimentation and production
  • To explore notions of authorship and the reproduced image
  • To identify audiences and consider how they can make their work visible in a ‘real world’ context through end of year exhibitions
  • To consider the constantly evolving and creative environments illustrators exist in through workshops, technical inductions, tutorials and seminars; and define their practice accordingly
  • To examine their identity as an illustrator, whilst planning and realising practical projects
  • To be challenged and have their ideas tested through rigorous evaluation of both practical and written work
  • To investigate ideas and issues through seminar discussions, presentations and writing

Program overviews encompass full 3 year degree programs. Study abroad students are placed into year 1 or year 2 of the programs based on portfolio review. For course details please see here.

Photography at Camberwell College of Arts adopts an open and experimental approach to fine art photographic practice, stressing the development of personal enquiry negotiated through frequent dialogue and regular opportunities to exhibit work. The course questions and proposes new forms for practice within and beyond lens based practice. While studying Photography at Camberwell students can expect:

  • To consider the broadest applications of image and material within a photographically oriented culture, thinking through documentation, advertising, personal memento, public image, object of expression and then ask how these uses affect our perception of photographic culture
  • To be introduced to colour as well as black and white darkroom processes, studio lighting, advanced alternative printing, postproduction, colour management and much more
  • To test and explore the creative possibilities and limits of photography, and be encouraged to develop approaches that feed new and innovative ways of working
  • To investigate methods through which their work reaches its audience; from physical installations, exhibitions and publications, to new media and the web
  • To be taught by prominent artists, critics, curators and publishers, as well as developing new ideas and approaches whilst developing professional contacts
  • To test how their artworks are installed, received and understood by participating in an external exhibition with students from across the BA Fine Art program
  • A Fine Art lecture series open to all Camberwell undergraduate students studying Drawing, Painting, Photography and Sculpture

Students enrolled in Integrated Programs can choose to enroll in an additional 3 week 3 credit course that takes place prior to the start of their program. This optional add-on alters the arrival date, and carries an additional fee. Students can choose from the following two courses; for course details please view the program syllabi.

Add-on Course: European Art History (3 credits)
The add-on European Art History course is based at Chelsea College of Arts. The 3 week course offers a varied and stimulating introduction to art and design as it has developed in Europe since the Renaissance. Through focusing on specific themes and artifacts, ranging from architecture to photography and from the Sublime to Surrealism, it equips students with a basis of knowledge and enthusiasm for study and practice in a European context. A four day / three night trip to Berlin is included in the European Art History course. The Berlin trip includes: flights to Berlin, shared accommodation, breakfast and all entrance fees. The course offers an excellent opportunity to study alongside students from a wide variety of backgrounds and artistic disciplines.

Add-on Course: Creative Industries London (3 credits)
The add-on Creative Industries London course is based at London College of Communication. The 3 week course is designed to give students a solid foundation in theory and introduction to disruptive design, media and screen practices. Students take workshops in blogging, photography and video while learning in seminars about the networks of cultural power. The course includes visits to East London, creative cooperatives, the Bussey Building and Museum of Brands. This course offers an excellent opportunity to develop skills of contemporary communication practices.

Portfolio Requirements
20-24 image digital portfolio. Portfolios should demonstrate art and design development, whether in a college project or in your personal work. It should have originated from your own experience and visual research, and have progressed through stages to a finished piece. It is important that the work you include reflects and demonstrates your creative thinking, initiative and personal commitment to a particular project, in addition to showing a breadth of work. You must also include a sketchbook showing the origin of ideas displayed in your portfolio in notes and pictorial form, and helping demonstrate your research and creative process. Please ensure that images have been sized down appropriately (for example, jpegs should not exceed 20 MB, multi page PDFs should not exceed 50MB).

Courses & Schedule
Since the study of art and design is different in Europe, study abroad students at Camberwell find they are working more independently than at their home schools. Professors offer guidance and support to visiting students in order to help them fit seamlessly into their program of choice, but students should be keenly motivated and comfortable working with less supervision. Upon acceptance, students are placed in either Year 1 or Year 2 of the integrated semester program, depending on the student’s portfolio. Courses are predetermined as part of the overall degree program; information can be seen in syllabi. Courses offered in the overall degree program begin and end at different points throughout the year, therefore, some courses may or may not span the entire semester. Students receive their specific program’s schedules with days and times at academic orientation.

Pre-Departure Calendar
June 1 2017
Application Deadline
Applications accepted after deadline as space permits.
Within 1 week of acceptance
SAI Deposits Due
$500 Confirmation Deposit (applied toward program fee)
$300 Security Deposit (refundable)
May 1 2017
50% of Total Program Fee Due
Students who are accepted and submit SAI deposits after this date will have an amended pay schedule. Either 50% or 100% of Program Fee will be due within 5 business days, based on the date of acceptance.
June 15 2017
SAI Scholarship Application Deadline
Students wishing to apply for an SAI scholarship must have all application items submitted by 11:59pm Pacific Time on this date.
July 1 2017
SAI Financial Aid Verification Deadline
Students wishing to defer payment until student loan disbursement must submit the financial aid verification forms to SAI by this date.
July 1 2017
Balance of Total Program Fee Due
August 1 2017
SAI Pre-Departure Form Due

On-Site Calendar
September 22 2017*
Arrival & Housing Check-in
Students arrive into any London airport, most common: Heathrow (LHR) or Gatwick (LGW). Airport pick-up is provided between 10am and 6pm. Apartment check-in begins at 2pm.
September 23 2017
SAI Orientation & Welcome Dinner
Mandatory SAI orientation introduces students to their city while covering safety, policies, housing, and culture. Following orientation, students are welcomed with a great meal!
September 25 2017
Academic Orientation & Welcome Day
Mandatory academic orientation and welcome day, which includes lunch and a walking tour.
September 26 2017
Classes Begin
December 8 2017
Classes End
December 9 2017
Program End & Housing Check-out
Students must move out of SAI housing by 10:00am to pursue independent travel or return home between terms.

* If participating in one of the 3 week add-on courses, the arrival date is September 1, 2017.

SAI Program Fees* USD
Application Fee $100
Security Deposit
Refundable at the end of the term.
Program Fee
Includes tuition, standard housing and SAI Signature Services (see What’s Included).
Optional / Additional Fees:
Optional Add-On Course: European Art History
This 3 week 3 credit course can be added to any integrated program and includes a trip to Berlin.
Optional Add-On Course: Creative Industries London
This 3 week 3 credit course can be added to any integrated program.
Optional Private Room Housing Supplement: Add-on Course
Private room in a shared apartment, with a shared bathroom during add-on course.
International Mailing Supplement
Students residing outside the U.S. are charged an international mailing supplement to ensure visa paperwork arrives in a timely manner.

*prices are subject to change

Please note: students from some affiliate universities have different payment arrangements that may require students to pay different deposits to SAI and some fees directly to the affiliate university instead of SAI. Please contact your study abroad office or the SAI business department for further details.

Budget Low Est. High Est.
Airfare to/from London
$900 $1,200
Books, Supplies & Course Fees
$300 / term $500 / term
Includes groceries and eating out.
$500 / month $800 / month
Personal Expenses $250 / month $350 / month
Transportation within London
Public transportation with some taxi rides.
$100 / month $250 / month
Weekend Travel
Cost varies greatly by student.
$300 / month $1,000 / month

This is an SAI Signature Services Program; it includes our full services!

  • Program tuition and U.S. academic credit
  • Accommodation in carefully selected student housing
  • Airport pickup and transportation on arrival day
  • Student health insurance providing full coverage and medical emergency evacuation
  • Cell phone rental with free incoming calls and texts while in host country
  • Staff on-site dedicated to providing personal assistance
  • Orientation to the host city and school
  • SAI weekend excursion
  • Frequent cultural activities and day trips
  • 24-hour on-site emergency support

Pre-departure and Re-entry services

  • Admissions counselor assigned to you, providing friendly assistance throughout your study abroad experience
  • Helpful pre-departure tools and resources
  • Online student groups to acquaint you with other SAI students
  • Assistance with student visa application
  • Assistance with financial aid and loan processing
  • Paid registration fees for national re-entry conferences
  • SAI Ambassador Program for SAI alumni, with paid internship opportunities
  • SAI alumni network

SAI offers activities, at no extra cost, for students to get to know their community, city and country. Following is a sample of the activities included in this program. Please note that actual activities may differ.

Welcome Event
Students are welcomed to their new city over a delicious dinner to mingle and get to know each other.

London Walking Tour
Students visit the Western part of the city accompanied by one of the finest local guides. The tour covers major sights such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and Trafalgar Square, but also takes students through quaint back streets to experience the true spirit of London.

Pub History Tour
Through old alleyways and amongst other famous sights of the city, students explore 2,000 years of London’s best pubs and inns, tabernas, alehouses and coaching inns frequented by famous poets and writers such as Oscar Wilde and Charles Dickens.

An Evening in London’s West End
London’s West End is the world’s premier home of English language theatre—a fact that even the most avid Broadway addict will (quietly and begrudgingly) admit. Students get to enjoy a top rated West End musical or play to experience what all the hype is about.

Weekend Trip to Bath, Somerset and Stonehenge
Students enjoy a weekend trip that begins in Bath with a traditional English pub lunch, followed by guided tours of the Fashion Museum and the Roman Baths. Students also take a whirlwind tour of some of the most famous historical sites in Wiltshire, including Lacock village, Castle Combe, the Avebury Stone Circles, and of course, Stonehenge.

Thanksgiving Dinner
Students spend an evening together with a traditional American Thanksgiving Dinner at one of London’s top American restaurants. The evening provides delicious food and great company, for a little home comfort.

Farewell Event
Students celebrate the end of a great term and say their goodbyes over a pint!

Standard Housing: Student apartment
SAI student apartments are convenient, clean, and well equipped, with shared occupancy bedrooms (upgrade to private bedroom available). Apartments are within a 30 minute walk/tube ride of all London campuses. Typical residences house 2 – 8 students and contain a combination of private and shared bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and living areas. Furnishings, a washing machine, basic kitchen supplies, bed linens and towels are provided. All apartments are equipped with wireless internet. SAI on-site staff is available to respond to any maintenance needs that may arise.

Alternate Housing: Independent
Students seeking independent housing can do so, for a reduction in the SAI program fee. Please contact SAI for details.

Passports should be valid for 3 months after planned departure from the UK.

Student Visas
European Union citizens attending any SAI London school for an academic term do not require a student visa. United States citizens attending any London school for one academic term (6 months or less) do not require a student visa prior to arrival. All others should check with the British Embassy to determine if a visa is required and the process for obtaining one.

Our Student Visa Office is available to assist students requiring a visa; SAI provides student visa consulting for all our students at no cost.

About SAI

SAI Programs is dedicated to providing academic and cultural learning experiences abroad that enhance global awareness, professional development and social responsibility. We concentrate our programs in Europe, with a focus on in-depth learning of individual European countries and their unique global role in the geopolitical economy, humanities, and in the arts.