Meet Our Blogger: Bronte
London, Fall 2015
July 19, 2015

Bronte K - Fall 15 - London

Bronte was selected as an SAI scholarship recipient and blogger for the Fall 2015 term. She is a current student at San Francisco Art Institute studying at University of the Arts London (UAL) in London, UK during the Fall 2015 term.


Tell us why you chose to study abroad.
When I first went to an SFAI (San Francisco Art Institute) open house event they had a booth about ‘Study Abroad’ and from that moment I knew this was something I had to do. I had to wait two years (my junior year) to get to this point and now that I am here I have to pinch myself. Traveling to new places and emerging oneself in it I feel is paramount to personal growth.The challenges and opportunities develop and sometimes define who you are. In relation to my art, my art is a part of who I am. The more of me that expands so does my art.I love London because of it’s pop culture, art, music, theatre, history and museums. I have only experienced London through films and stories from friends and relatives and cannot wait to see everything for myself.

Tell us about your school, major, interests, clubs (you in a nutshell).
SFAI (San Francisco Art Institute) is a school of higher education in contemporary art with the main campus in the Russian Hill district of San Francisco, California. It is a private non-profit institution accredited by the WASC, NASAD, and is a member of AICAD. SFAI was founded in 1871, and is one of the oldest art schools in the United States and the oldest west of the Mississippi River. I am a photography major I love that I get to have the freedom to explore all forms of photography and to even move beyond what one expects from photography. I study both analogue and digital, but at SFAI I am constantly influenced to stretch myself and my abilities. SFAI advocates critical thinking. I make photography look painterly taking it beyond its element, my goal is to expand on this. Whether it is manipulating my camera, chemicals, or ideas. Besides photography my interests are dance, music, theatre, movies, fashion, travel, THE BEACH, art,  and World Cup Soccer just to name a few. I participate in our school photography club, and I also do a fashion blog with a fellow student/ friend for a San Francisco consignment store ( I shoot videos and photography, and help with the development and idea of the blog). I really enjoy the process of making the blogs. They are really fun to make.

What are you most excited about re. studying abroad?
I am really excited to find out what the school will be like and how it will transform my art. I am also excited about being in a different place. I am excited about living like a local while experiencing tourist activities. I am also excited to soak up some history and learn more about the country I am visiting. I am excited about the inspiration and ideas this experience will evoke from me. I am excited about meeting fellow students and exchanging ideas and developing friendships. Can you tell that I am excited!

What are you most nervous about re. studying abroad?
I am a little nervous about how to work the transit system in order to get from here to there.
Just being in a new unfamiliar place alone is a bit scary but I am assured there will be people to help me acclimate. I would like to learn about day trips outside as well as within London that would be places of interest and I am hoping to meet a travel mate. I am sure I will make friends but that is always a bit worrisome. Really, I am not nervous I just know everything will be fantastic.

What are three goals that you would like to achieve/accomplish while abroad?
Three goals I would like to accomplish while abroad are to 1.) transform my art by stepping more out of the photography realm and to make art on a bigger scale size wise. 2.) To get to know London its sights and history and to do a little travel. 3.) To make some long-lasting friends and memories.

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3 responses to “Meet Our Blogger: Bronte”

  1. I am always blessed to now my granddaughter is enjoying life, and why would you not !
    Never stop ,across the ocean or across the street.
    all my love

    by ron klass on February 7, 2016 at 10:47 pm

  2. So proud and excited for you! What an incredible experience. Can’t wait to hear about your success

    by Elizabeth on February 8, 2016 at 6:49 am

  3. Brontë, it’s been so fun watching you grow and evil and develop your art and now fulfilling your dream of Attending school abroad and all that will add to your experience and creativity. Looking forward to your blog

    by Suki Tutthill on February 9, 2016 at 12:39 am

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