Sant'Anna Institute
January Term 3 weeks 2022
3 credits

SAI’s 3 week Jan Term session, hosted by Sant’Anna Institute in Sorrento, invites students to complete one 3 credit course while experiencing the true spirit of local life in Sorrento. Students choose from any level of Italian language or the History of the Mafia course to complete during the program. Students have access to Sant’Anna Institute’s full suite of services and facilities throughout their time in Sorrento.

Application: now open
Closes: October 1, 2021
Apps accepted on a rolling basis, and after closing as space permits

Application Requirements
Complete online application
Personal statement (300-500 words)
Official transcript
Passport scan (photo page)
Italian privacy consent form


  • Course highlight: History of the Mafia 
  • Enjoy a peaceful time to be on the Mediterranean coast

Program Dates
January 2, 2022 – January 22, 2022

Eligibility Requirements

Age: 18+

Academic Year: High school graduate or above

Cumulative GPA:* 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale)

* contact SAI if you don’t meet requirements

Arts and Humanities
Business & Administration Studies
Italian Studies
Natural and Health Sciences
Social Sciences

Arts and Humanities

3.0 Credits
Cultural Studies | Course #: ENGL 203 | Open
A survey of selected masterpieces, translated into English, which have influenced the evolution of various world cultures over several centuries.
Works studied might include Gilgamesh, The Odyssey, The Ramayana, The Koran, Japanese Noh drama and African literatures.
Contact Hours: 45

Business & Administration Studies

3.0 Credits
Marketing | Course #: MKG 320 | Open
This course covers principles and applications of food marketing, focusing on current trends related to food production, distribution, consumption and the dynamics characterizing food systems. The course will center on the importance of understanding consumer behavior as a key factor in strategic food marketing and on the role of different agents in the food channel, particularly food producers, distributors, wholesales, retailers, and marketers. This course also highlights the interface between producers and consumers (e.g. farm to table). As a result, part of the course will be dedicated to assessing the importance of issues related to food sourcing (including alternative venues such as local and regional sourcing) and food access.
The delivery of this course includes live lectures, class discussions, case studies, field trips and the creation of a marketing plan for an agricultural or food product.
Contact Hours: 45

Italian Studies

3.0 Credits
Italian Language | Course #: WL 101-2 | Open
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

1. demonstrate a basic understanding of Italian spelling and pronunciation (assessment: Homework; oral participation in class; oral comprehension quizzes and tests; dictations)

2. demonstrate a basic understanding of part of the Italian grammar and syntax (assessment: Homework--workbook; computer assignments; essay; quizzes and tests)

3. participate in simple conversations on topics on everyday situations such as work, education, food, time,weather... (reinforced through in-class group activities)

4. demonstrate basic reading comprehension skills (in-class or homework reading assignments--from textbook or internet sites; quizzes and tests)

5. demonstrate some knowledge of Italian geography, history, culture and daily life
Contact Hours: 45
3.0 Credits
Italian Language | Course #: WL 102- 1 | Open
Italian 102 will establish the foundations of conversation and grammar. Students will work on basic grammar and speaking skills through conversation, dialogues, exercises and drills; develop vocabulary through reading, discussing and writing; and learn more about Italian culture through reading, video and presentations.
Contact Hours: 45
3.0 Credits
Italian Language | Course #: WL 201 | Open
This course is designed for students who wish to develop the skills necessary to interact in the language and learn about Italian contemporary culture and society as well as Italy's history. Students will continue to refine their speaking skills by completing tasks with your classmates in pairs and small groups and by following models of native speakers presented on video. Students will develop reading and writing skills by reading increasingly more elaborate authentic texts and writing related, reaction essays, and your listening skills will be cultivated by completing on-line listening activities, viewing and analyzing short clips from Italian movies, and listening to short lectures on topics in Italian culture, society, and history, such as Pompeii, the contemporary demographic profile of Italy, the history of the language, and of the unification of Italy.
Contact Hours: 45
3.0 Credits
Italian Language | Course #: WL 202 | Open
This course is designed for students who wish to develop the skills necessary to interact in the language and learn about Italian contemporary culture and society, as well as Italy's history. Students will continue to refine their speaking skills by completing tasks with classmates in pairs and small groups. They will develop reading and writing skills by reading increasingly more elaborate authentic texts and writing essays, and their listening skills will be cultivated by in-class interactions, listening to short lectures on topics in Italian culture, listening to Italian music, and watching Italian movies.
Contact Hours: 45
3.0 Credits
Italian Language | Course #: WL 325 | Open
coming soon
Contact Hours: 45
3.0 Credits
Italian Language | Course #: WL 325-0 | Open
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

1. demonstrate advancement in spoken and written language

2. communicate with advanced grammatical structures, idiomatic expressions and refined vocabulary

3. communicate personal opinions in group discussions on a variety of topics, articles, events and personal stories
Contact Hours: 45
3.0 Credits
Italian Literature | Course #: WL 325 -1 | Open
coming soon
Contact Hours: 45
3.0 Credits
Italian Literature | Course #: WL 325-4 | Open
Pre-requisite: Students must have earned at least 12 credits of Italian language as the course will be instructed in Italian. Please note: course requires a minimum enrollment of 4 students to run
Students will study Italian literature of the Twentieth Century.

Students will critically analyze the internationally renowned literary texts in their original language.

Authors include Pirandello, Quasimodo, Ungaretti, Montale and others. Students will read excerpts from these works and engage in a historical, literary and rhetorical analysis of texts while determining techniques of poetic composition. Students will also learn about the lives of authors and the historical context and how these affected the masterpieces studied. Students are expected to actively participate and contribute to class discussion. They are also expected to do all the exercises assigned daily.

Students must have earned at least 12 credits of Italian language as the course will be instructed in Italian.
Contact Hours: 45

Natural and Health Sciences

3.0 Credits
Natural Science | Course #: MSC 101 | Open
This course focuses on the biology of organisms residing in the sea, from the diversity of planktonic communities to marine megafauna, taking into consideration the ecological principles that govern marine life. The course aims to provide a solid educational background in basic and applied marine biology. Emphasis will be placed on marine environment issues and the adaptive and evolutionary mechanisms of organisms that allow them to occupy marine habitats. In particular, the Mediterranean Sea and the conservation of marine environment will play a central role in the course subjects, profiting from the availability of unique ecosystems and a nearby renown marine protected area to conduct thematic field trips and practical tutorials.

REQUIREMENTS: bring a mask and a snorkel for marine bio field trips.
Contact Hours: 45

Social Sciences

3.0 Credits
History | Course #: HIST 350-2 | Open
In this course we will trace the history of Italian food from a transnational perspective. Challenging nationalist historiographies we will focus on circulation, exchanges, hybridity and mobility.

Borrowing from Edward Said’s notion of “overlapping territories and intertwined histories,” we will discuss how food is part of a stratified and heterogeneous modernity suspended between the local and the global.

Special topics will include: Arab and Asian merchants before the European hegemony; Mediterranean currents; the Columbian exchange; Neapolitan food and the invention of tradition; Italian American food and issues of memory and ethnicity; Food and Southern Italian migrants in northern Italy; food and the boom economico; multiethnic food in contemporary Italy; space and place in connection with food in Italy and the United States. Some works of cinema and popular music will be included.
Contact Hours: 45
3.0 Credits
History | Course #: HIST 350-3 | Open
Pre-requisite: this course requires a minimum enrollment of 4 students to run
This course offers a historical framework to understand the Greek Presence in western Europe: the sites colonized starting from the 8th century BC, and the dynamics that caused the foundation of poleis in specific areas of the Italian peninsula.
Students will be also introduced to the methodology of ancient history and the critical analysis of a
wide variety of historical and literary source material, including inscriptions and coins as well as the
interpretation of classical texts. Archeological evidence, including art and architecture will also be
examined. Attention will also be given to the organization of the urban space in relation to politics,
religion and social life. Field trips to historical sites and museums will be used to reanimate the
ancient sources.
Contact Hours: 45
3.0 Credits
Political Science | Course #: POL 375 | Open
Pre-requisite: Course requires minimum enrollment of 4 students to run
The purpose of this module is to examine the history, development, structure and efficacy of international human rights law. In this module, students will investigate the legal framework of the United Nations and regional systems relating to the protection and promotion of, inter alia, the rights of minorities and indigenous peoples, women's rights, the rights of migrants and refugees, cultural rights, and the emerging field of environmental rights. Students will assess the remedies that exist for violations of human rights law in the various systems and examine practical case studies where relevant.
Contact Hours: 45

Course Registration & Schedule
Students select one 3 credit course to complete over the 3 week program.

Students complete their course registration during the SAI application process by selecting their primary course choice as well as required alternate course. Course schedules are confirmed 4 weeks prior to arrival.

Pre-Departure Calendar
October 1 2021
Application Closes
Applications accepted after closing as space permits.
Within 1 week of acceptance
SAI Deposits Due
$500 Confirmation Deposit (applied toward program fee)
$300 Security Deposit (refundable)
October 4 2021
50% of Total Program Fee Due
Students who are accepted and submit SAI deposits after this date will have an amended pay schedule. Either 50% or 100% of Program Fee will be due within 5 business days, based on the deposit payment date.
November 3 2021
SAI Financial Aid Verification Deadline
Students wishing to defer payment until financial aid disbursement must submit the financial aid verification forms to SAI by this date.
November 3 2021
Balance of Total Program Fee Due

On-site Calendar
January 2 2022
Arrival & Housing Check-in
Students arrive into Naples International Airport (NAP). Students should arrive accordingly for the 12pm and 5pm airport pick up service. Upon arrival in Sorrento students are taken to housing.
January 2 2022
Program Orientation
Orientation activities and welcome events include walking tours and group social events.
January 3 2022
Courses Begin
January 21 2021
Final Exams
January 22 2021
Program End & Housing Check-out
Students must move out of housing by 10:00am to return home or pursue independent travel.
SAI Program Fees* USD
Application Fee $120
Security Deposit
Refundable at the end of the term.
Program Fee
Includes tuition, standard housing and SAI 360° Services (see What's Included).
Optional / Additional Fees:  
Optional Private Room Housing Supplement
Private room in the student dorm or shared apartment
contact SAI
International Mailing Supplement
Students residing outside the U.S. are charged an international mailing supplement to ensure visa paperwork arrives in a timely manner.

*prices are subject to change

Note: certain SAI-affiliated US universities require specific payment arrangements. These may require that some fees are paid by the student directly to SAI, and other fees are paid to SAI by the affiliated university on behalf of the student. If you attend an SAI-affiliated university please contact your study abroad office or speak with your SAI Admissions Counselor for details.

Budget Low Est. High Est.
Airfare to/from Naples
$900 $1,800
Books, Supplies & Course Fees $25 / course $50 / course
Combination of cooking at home and eating out.
$600 / month $1,000 / month
Personal Expenses $250 / month $350 / month
Transportation within Sorrento area
Public transportation with some taxi rides.
$50 / month $100 / month
Weekend Travel
Cost varies greatly by student.
$300 / month $1,000 / month

This is an SAI 360° Services Program; it includes our full services!

  • Program tuition and U.S. academic credit
  • Accommodation in carefully selected student housing
  • Airport pickup and transportation on arrival day
  • Welcome reception and events
  • Orientation to the host city and school
  • Staff on-site dedicated to providing personal assistance
  • SAI Viva Experience: frequent cultural activities & trips outside host city
  • Student health insurance providing full coverage and medical emergency evacuation
  • Access to and assistance with international cell phone plans
  • Discount card for local shops and restaurants in Sorrento
  • 24-hour on-site emergency support
  • Farewell event with all students

Pre-departure and Re-entry services

  • US-based admissions counselor assigned to you, providing friendly assistance
  • Helpful pre-departure tools and resources
  • Online student groups to acquaint you with other SAI students
  • Assistance with student visa application
  • Assistance with financial aid processing
  • Need-based SAI scholarships
  • Paid registration fees for national re-entry conferences
  • SAI Ambassador Program for SAI alumni, with paid internship opportunities
  • SAI alumni network

SAI offers all students the Viva Experience: frequent cultural activities, at no extra cost, for participants to get to know their community, city and country. Following is a sample of the activities included in this program. Please note that actual activities may differ.

Welcome Reception
Upon arrival, new students and SA faculty and staff unite at a welcome reception to kick off the term.

Walking Tour of Sorrento
Students tour Sorrento, including stops at popular shops, supermarkets, and places of entertainment, as well as important landmarks such as main squares, post offices, bus stops and taxi stands.

Pompeii Excursion
Students visit the Roman city of Pompeii, buried by volcanic ash when Mount Vesuvius erupted in AD 79. Though the site is still not fully excavated, visitors can see the ruins of villas, ancient temples and the Stabian Baths to gain an intimate knowledge of how wealthy Romans lived 2,000 years ago.

Farewell Dinner
After the exams are completed and final papers handed in, the students, faculty and staff share in a celebratory final meal to reflect upon the program experience and to say final goodbyes before departure.

Standard Housing: Student dorm or apartment
Standard housing includes a shared occupancy bedroom (option to upgrade to private bedroom, if available) in the student dorm or in a shared student apartment. Dorm housing is assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis with limited availability. All SAI housing in Sorrento is equipped with basic furniture, towels and bed linens, wireless Internet, and air conditioning. Students have access to kitchen facilities, comfortable common areas, and washing machines.

Passports should be valid for 3 months after planned departure from Italy.

Student Visas
In accordance with Italian law U.S. students studying in Italy for 90 days or less are not required to obtain a student visa. Therefore all U.S. students do not require a student visa for this program. Non-US nationals should consult their local Consulate for information on student visa requirements.

About SAI

SAI is dedicated to providing academic and cultural learning experiences abroad that enhance global awareness, professional development and social responsibility. We concentrate our programs in Europe, with a focus on in-depth learning of individual European countries and their unique global role in the geopolitical economy, humanities, and in the arts.