Similarities and Differences
Alexa, London, Fall 2014
October 18, 2014

Minter, A - Fall 14 - London

Borough Market

Minter, A - Fall 14 - London

Brighton Beach

London has proved itself to be one of the most incredible cities in the world. I have had the best experience so far and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for the rest of my time here. Being from America, I have yet to experience much culture shock. Besides the accents and the famous meat pies, London and the States are actually very similar.

Minter, A - Fall 14 - London

Graffiti Tunnel in Waterloo founded by Bansky

Minter, A - Fall 14 - London

Lola’s Cupcakes

The main difference between London and Colorado is that the cars are driving on the other side of the road. This cultural difference still shocks me some days because it is so foreign to me. If I’m ever riding on the double decker busses I try not to watch the traffic or other cars as to not become anxious. One of the more frustrating cultural differences is the “big city vibe.” People always have somewhere to be and are in a constant rush, so they don’t really care about personal space. In the morning when I am making my way to the Underground, I get bumped into several times or squashed between people on the lifts. Although this is normal for big cities, I’m from a small town and find this quite irritating.

Minter, A - Fall 14 - London

White Tower

Minter, A - Fall 14 - London

A concert I saw September 30, the band is called The 1975

Another cultural difference is the incredible amount of fashionable people here! I am studying fashion in London, so I take note of interesting or striking outfits everyday. In Colorado, people don’t dress for fashion or self-expression; they dress for comfort. People at my home university don’t really understand why I love fashion so much, so to come here and see individuality is very inspiring. Colorado and London are not total opposites culturally, but London is a much more expressive and freeing part of the world.

Minter, A - Fall 14 - London

Tower Bridge

Minter, A - Fall 14 - London

London Fashion Week


Alexa is a current student at Colorado State University studying at University of the Arts London during the Fall 2014 term.

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