Go Abroad Again

It’s hard to say goodbye—and we don’t want to! That’s why we offer discounts for alumni to return abroad with SAI. Go abroad again with SAI on a summer or semester program, or participate in a different type of international experience such as an internship, graduate certificate program or even earn your Master’s degree abroad. For more information on these discounts see Costs & Dates.

Try something different the second (or third!) time:

  • Study Abroad

Experience another city or country, go abroad during a different term, or study at a different overseas university. Gain another perspective on your academic area while further enhancing your cross-cultural competence and marketability.

  • Internships

Now that you feel more comfortable with life abroad, try completing a part-time or full-time internship. An internship experience abroad will allow you to deepen your interaction with the host culture, develop relationships beyond the classroom, enhance your professional network and build your resume. By participating in an internship abroad, you can set yourself apart from your peers with a demonstrated ability to work across cultures. See Internships for options.

  • Master’s Degree Programs

Master your skills by earning a full degree abroad in your field. We partner with the top design programs in Europe to offer Master’s degrees in cutting-edge creative fields. Earning a Master’s degree abroad, taught entirely in English, establishes your cross-cultural skills and opens your career prospects to the whole world. See Master’s Degree for options.

  • Graduate and Professional Programs

Are you looking for professional-level training, considering adding a certification, or already completing a Master’s degree and looking to complete some studies abroad? SAI’s graduate and professional programs offer all these opportunities in hospitality and culinary arts, design, creative writing and liberal arts. See Graduate & Professional Programs for options.

  • Career Programs

Are you considering a career change or interested in earning a certificate in a field that you’ve always been passionate about? SAI Career programs are subject-intensive quarter and academic year programs in design, communication, hospitality and culinary arts. See Career Programs for options.