Faculty & Advisors Q&A

Below please find some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) from faculty and advisors and answers. If your question isn’t answered please contact us.

General SAI

How do I contact SAI?
In addition to regular contact information, faculty and staff can contact SAI through their SAI Academic Relations representative. If you haven’t yet had contact with a SAI Academic Relations representative, please fill out this form.

Why SAI?
SAI is an intentionally small organization committed to building personal relationships with our partners. We pair exceptional academic offerings with robust services and deep local knowledge to offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences. For more see Why SAI.

Who can participate in SAI programs?
While we manage a great group of SAI-affiliated universities, we welcome students from all universities, no matter their affiliation status. If you have any questions about how your students can participate, please contact Academic Relations staff.

What services does SAI offer?
At SAI, we pride ourselves on our personalized service, and are delighted to work with faculty, staff and students to create unforgettable study abroad experiences. Faculty and staff have the benefit of direct contact with experienced SAI Academic Relations staff members who can offer an array of services to help study abroad offices discuss our programs. For information please see Academic Services.

What housing does SAI offer students?
SAI housing is included in the cost of all SAI 360° Services Programs. SAI housing is rooted in community, and our housing encourages students to build strong communities both with each other and locals. SAI housing options differ in each city, and include student apartments, dorms and family homestays. Standard SAI housing includes a shared room, although students have the option of requesting a private room for an added fee. For more information see Housing.

Are accommodations available for students with learning and/or physical disabilities?
SAI is committed to doing everything in our power to provide accommodations to all students who require them. Students with disabilities are encouraged to begin planning their study abroad experience well in advance, and to begin their search by speaking with a SAI Admissions Counselor. This allows ample time to identify the right program for each student, and for SAI to provide accommodations to the best of our abilities. For more see Student Diversity.

How can I access course syllabi to determine course equivalencies?
We provide a link to course syllabi on each school page of our website. The syllabus pages are password protected; for the password please email admissions@saiprograms.com.

Does SAI issue U.S. credits?
All SAI undergraduate programs award U.S. credit. Some of our partner schools are US-accredited, while others process US credit through our US school of record. At the completion of their program, students are asked to fill out a Transcript Request Form indicating where their official transcript should be mailed.

When are transcripts mailed out?
Transcripts are mailed out within 12 weeks of program completion. Students who require their transcripts sooner should contact their admissions counselor to see if anything can be done to expedite it.

How can SAI assist with program advising?
We are happy to help with different levels of program support and advising. SAI’s Academic Relations staff members can offer on-site meetings and office hours to speak with staff and/or interested students. We also provide resources such as suggested course equivalencies. Upon application, each student is paired with an SAI Admissions Counselor who personally helps each student through his or her application and course registration process.

How does SAI handle safety and security concerns?
Student safety and security are of primary importance to SAI, and we have in place a robust set of procedures to ensure a quick and effective response to any emergency event. Each SAI site manages a local 24 hour emergency phone number should students need it, and on-site staff are always available to answer questions and concerns. In the event of an emergency that affects multiple students SAI’s Safety Committee is responsible for coordinating the immediate response, including confirming the safety of all students, and communicating with students’ home schools. For more information see Health & Safety.

Who will be contacted in the event of an emergency?
In an emergency, our first priority is to ensure the safety of our students. We ask students to communicate as soon as possible with their parents or guardians to let them know that they are safe. During an incident, the SAI Safety and/or Student Response Committees make a determination about our communication response, including communicating with students’ home schools. For more information see Health & Safety Alerts.

What health insurance does SAI provide?
SAI provides health insurance coverage to all SAI students for the duration of their study abroad program. Students are covered by CISI, Cultural Insurance Services International. For more information see Health & Safety.

What happens if a student gets sick abroad?
If a student becomes ill abroad and needs medical attention, they can consult SAI on-site staff or the CISI website for a list of local English-speaking doctors that are covered by the CISI health insurance policy. If a student feels he or she needs additional support, SAI on-site staff is happy to accompany him or her to the doctor or hospital to provide translation and emotional support.

Does SAI offer scholarships or discounts?
We offer a number of SAI scholarships each term, and all students are encouraged to apply for them. We also offer various discounts (for details see Costs & Dates), including discounts to students from SAI affiliated universities.

How do students utilize their financial aid for their SAI program?
Students wishing to defer payment of their SAI program fee are required to fill out SAI’s Financial Aid Verification Forms by the deadline. SAI will gladly provide any fee and budgeting information to students in order to facilitate their financial aid use. For more information see Financial Aid.

Who completes Consortium Agreements at SAI?
SAI’s Financial Aid team staff can complete Consortium Agreements for students. Students are asked to submit Consortium Agreements via email to finanacialaid@saiprograms.com for processing.

Why should my school become an affiliate of SAI?
Affiliation with SAI is designed as a customized relationship to best support each school’s study abroad mission and structure. We offer a variety of benefits for affiliation, both to students and faculty, in addition to our portfolio of trusted services for all students. For information please see Affiliation.

Does SAI charge a membership or affiliation fee?
No we do not! On the contrary, we offer discounts to students from SAI affiliated institutions.

How can I access information about our students studying abroad with SAI?
SAI affiliated institutions have access to the SAI enrollment database where they are able to look up their students. Additionally, SAI provides affiliate schools with application alerts and enrollment verification emails for simple tracking.

Does SAI offer host site visits from faculty and staff?
We love to show faculty and staff our wonderful program locations! SAI offers all affiliates assistance with site visits, determined on an individual basis. See Request a Site Visit.

In what locations does SAI offer custom and faculty-led programs?
SAI offers assistance in the design and delivery of custom and faculty-led programs throughout Italy, and in Barcelona and Paris. Our knowledgeable on-site staff members collaborate closely with course leaders and provide direct access to local resources that result in culturally rich curricula in all our locations. See Faculty-led & Custom for more information.

Why should I use SAI for my custom program?
Designing a custom program with SAI is a collaborative experience. We pair course leaders with our experienced staff on-site who draw on rich resources to guide and support the creation of the program. Faculty members find that SAI offers a flexible, affordable, and enriching experience that includes all the important services.