Study abroad in the Eternal City.

It has been said that more than a lifetime is needed to experience all that the capital city of Rome has to offer. It is a city layered with art and antiquities encompassing 2,500 years of history – from the Coliseum, the Imperial Forum and the Roman Pantheon, to Vatican City, with the Sistine Chapel and Vatican museums. Regarded as a birthplace of Western civilization, Rome is a major tourist destination, although it maintains an authentic and traditional atmosphere in the peace of its small streets and the splendor of its piazzas bursting with life.

Students in Rome can enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine in a beautiful park, savor a gelato on the Spanish Steps, or study art history overlooking the Trevi Fountain. SAI offers students the opportunity to study at John Cabot University (JCU) in Rome, a leading US-accredited University in a bustling and vibrant Roman neighborhood. SAI’s Rome office is located in the beautiful Trastevere neighborhood, near JCU and housing. SAI Rome on-site staff hold open office hours to provide advising and support, and the office includes space for students to meet and study. Program-inclusive activities in Rome include gelato making, bike rides and walking tours, as well as day trips to beaches and surrounding sites.

SAI Rome Partner Schools

Student Life

Students in Rome are quickly swept up into the profound history of this enchanting city. Students make their homes in the unique, welcoming spaces of Rome’s neighborhoods, with local and authentic restaurants, cafes, and shops. Just outside the city, Rome is surrounded by stunning landscapes, beaches, and mountains that are easily accessible for day or weekend trips. An efficient rail system and two main airports easily connect Rome’s residents to the rest of Italy and Europe. SAI Rome students also have options for community integration and leadership during their term abroad:

  • Volunteer opportunities are available in soup kitchens, homeless shelters, hospitals, and in English language school programs.
  • For-credit undergraduate internships are available in the semester. In the summer, unique institutes are available for students to delve deeper into a subject.
  • Semester students can enroll in the SAI Global Leadership Certificate in Rome, which is an exploration of research, engagement in community service and interaction with opinion leaders to broaden students’ global outlook and leadership mentality.