Ambassador Program

SAI Ambassadors are a group of carefully selected students, who have recently completed an SAI program. The SAI Ambassador program provides alumni the opportunity to share their study abroad experiences with prospective students, while building their knowledge of international education. In their second year, SAI Ambassadors can become Leadership Mentors, which includes additional responsibilities and a further engagement with the international education field.

General SAI Ambassador duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Participating in home university’s study abroad fair and pre-departure orientations
  • Hosting or participating in events on campus, such as:
    • Information sessions
    • Presentations to classes and student organizations
    • Study Abroad Office events
  • Engaging with prospective students as well as those already enrolled for future SAI programs
  • Assisting with SAI social media presence
  • Blog submissions for the SAI website

SAI Ambassadors will acquire knowledge of each unique program and location that SAI offers. Ambassadors will receive a training packet, materials for promotional activities, and support from the SAI Ambassador Coordinator. We encourage Ambassadors to be creative in developing strategies to spread awareness about international education opportunities on their campus and to work with Ambassadors across the country to collaborate on innovative ideas.

If you have questions about the program, please contact the SAI Ambassador Coordinator at

Read about our current and recent SAI Ambassadors below.

  • Ambassadors are provided with opportunities to reflect on their study abroad experience and with tools to use the experience for advancement in their professional, academic and personal lives
  • Ambassadors gain valuable experience for their resumes and a network of professional contacts
  • Ambassadors are eligible to become Leadership Mentors in their second year
  • SAI provides letters of recommendation and references for active Ambassadors
  • Ensure you meet the eligibility requirements. Applicants must: be currently be enrolled in a U.S. or Canadian university; be an SAI alumnus/a; have a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA; and have completed at least one full year of college.
  • Submit the online SAI Ambassador Application, including the short answer essay questions and transcript upload.
  • Note that while there is no official Ambassador Program application deadline, SAI suggests that you apply before August 1st so that there is sufficient time to prepare before the school year begins.
  • Your application will be reviewed by SAI and your home school study abroad office. Look out for an email from the SAI Ambassador Coordinator about two weeks after submitting your application.

Meet our current ambassadors and hear briefly about their experiences. Use the “Contact an SAI Ambassador” button to speak directly with one of them and get your questions answered! 

Lexi Abbona/ California Baptist University/ Psychology/ Sant’Anna Institute, Sorrento
“I learned that I could get out of my comfort zone and move to a different country, where I knew absolutely nobody and have the best time of my life. I miss Italy every day and I will have these amazing memories forever. I didn’t have a lot of time to miss home because I was always doing something fun and I was shocked by how easy it was to make friends.“

Brianna Adkins/ Indiana University of Pennsylvania/ Art Education/ Florence University of the Arts
“Even though my study abroad experience was cut short by COVID-19, it still meant the world to me. I wish I had known when leaving the US that SAI would actually make the transition pretty easy and be there to help along the way. I am really appreciative of everything they did—from the advice of how to navigate the city to the rewarding activities and unique excursions that were made available to us.” 

Kelly Brooks/ University of South Carolina/ Marketing and Management/ Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
“SAI conducted many events and activities throughout the session to meet new people, learn the area, and immerse yourself in the culture. I am so grateful for the kind staff and incredible opportunities that SAI provided for me.”

Erin Bruder/ University of Alabama/ Human Environmental Sciences/ Florence University of the Arts
“I want to share my experience with others and how being abroad helped me grow as an individual. I was lucky to have many experiences while being abroad that I will be able to share with others and help them navigate what to do while studying abroad.”

Connor Castagnero/ Appalachian State University/ International Business/ Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
“You should study with SAI because they provided me with all the resources I needed to adapt and become comfortable with living and studying in a new country. Anytime I needed a question answered, SAI had someone ready to help, and additionally they held very fun and educational excursions and field trips that added to my experience immensely.” 

Thomasina Daleo/ St. Mary’s College of California/ Clinical Psychology and Art History/ John Cabot University
“I loved my experience with SAI in Rome. I want to help, tell and encourage others to study abroad and go through SAI because it’s an amazing program that really makes studying abroad memorable.”

Logan Dawes/ Bethany College/ Psychology and Religion/ Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona  
“Studying abroad was the best part of my life!I learned more about myself in the 2 and a half months I was there than at home. If you are thinking about studying abroad, my number one advice is to just do it! There will be some hard times but the benefit of loving it is more than ever could be imagined.”

Taylor Edwards/ University of Tennessee/ Biology/ Florence University of the Arts
“I think that SAI was so incredibly helpful with the airport pickup and then dropping us at the apartments…When I was preparing to study abroad,  it was kind of difficult to know what I was expecting. During that time I wished I had someone that had experienced the program in Florence so that I could talk to them about it, so I want to be able to do that with future study abroad students.”

Caroline Elliott/ Belmont University/ Communication Studies and Political Science/ John Cabot University
“Studying abroad with SAI is the best decision that I’ve ever made. SAI helped me throughout the entire process, from pre-departure, while in Rome, having to come home in the middle of the semester due to COVID-19, and afterward. SAI provides you with a ton of resources to make the process of applying for visas, booking flights, and obtaining a permit to stay as easy as possible.While in Rome, SAI gave us many opportunities to get to know the other students in the program and learn more about the city and country that we were staying in.”

Alyssa Ferrarone/ Oklahoma State University/ Marketing/ John Cabot University
“I had such an amazing experience abroad…I want to be an SAI Ambassador so that each person I interact with can take my experience, and have an even better one.”

Megan Forbes/ Virginia Commonwealth University/ Social Work/ Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
“ When I decided Spain was my dream destination, I was then faced with the plethora of questions, but SAI made me feel confident and secure. I want to share this feeling of trust with all students who are itching to study abroad. I loved my time in Spain so much and the SAI staff truly helped me in so many ways to acclimate to Barcelona living. Studying abroad is a life changing experience and I want to advocate for all students who want to make it a reality. “

Emma Gardner/ University of Mississippi/ Marketing and Corporate Relations/ Florence University of the Arts
“My experience studying abroad was truly the opportunity of a lifetime. I was so inspired by my time abroad, and SAI made everything about my experience so much more comfortable and exciting. I would love the chance to give other students that same opportunity and to be able to help guide them with my advice from the experiences I had abroad.”

Sophie Grady/ University of South Carolina/ Advertising/ Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
“My experience in Barcelona with SAI was one I would not trade for the world. SAI acted as a second family to me and helped make the somewhat scary transition from the US to Europe feel natural. They were there every step of the way when I was sick, confused, lost; they were always there to hold my hand and help me no matter the time of day. I recommend this program to anyone studying abroad because I never thought I would have such a positive experience, and I wouldn’t change it for the world!”

Elizabeth Hagewood/ University of Arkansas/ Philosophy and Political Science/ John Cabot University
“Not only did study abroad change me a student, friend, sister, and daughter but it made me a more apt and able global citizen. I loved SAI as a program and the people who ran it.”

Jacqueline Harris/ Lehigh University/ Business Information Systems and Religious Studies/ John Cabot University
“Throughout my time abroad, SAI was an invaluable resource. From touching down in Italy on the first day and being greeted at the airport; to the uncertainty of the Covid-19 outbreak in Italy. SAI helped me to send my bags home and was there for emotional support during those trying times.”

Amanda Hinson/ University of South Carolina/ Business/ John Cabot University 
“ I had an amazing time studying abroad and would love to help [other students] decide to do the same. I was hesitant about it and it ended up being the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Hannah Huynh/ Washington State University/ Apparel Merchandising/ Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Although my semester got cut short [due to covid-19], I had the best time in Milan! From the beginning, SAI and the onsite staff in Milan were supportive, welcoming, and knowledgeable on topics of visas to best pizza restaurants. Within the short time I was abroad, I met and made friendships with many other students in my program and locals that attended my University. SAI and Cattolica were supportive throughout the semester of online courses and provided resources to immerse ourselves in Italian culture virtually.”

Holland Keller/ Point Loma Nazarene University/ Graphic Design Marketing/ John Cabot University
“Although my abroad semester did not go as planned [due to COVID-19], I always felt encouraged within SAI.”

Hannah Lowder/ University of South Carolina/ International Studies/ Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
“I had an amazing experience in Barcelona, thanks to SAI and their many resources which helped make me feel safe and comfortable enough to thrive in the city. I absolutely fell in love in Barcelona because I was supported by the SAI team and I felt confident enough to step out of my comfort zone and explore the city.”

Bailee Maxwell/ University of Kentucky/ Data Analytics and International Business/ Florence University of the Arts
“Leaving for Italy I obviously had no idea that a worldwide pandemic was on the rise and going to force me to leave Italy less than a month after being there. Ideal? Not at all. However, SAI really did everything in their power to make every student feel calm and comfortable with the situation and was working around the clock 24/7 to help each individual to make the necessary arrangements for our safety and health. This program is so well organized and I would recommend them to anybody who would want to study abroad. Not only did I still have a fantastic experience with this program, but even after we got sent home they continued to reach out to every student and allow for connections to still be made and relationships to thrive regardless of the unfortunate situation that had happened.”

Noah Moretti/ St. Mary’s College of California/ Global Business/ John Cabot University
“Studying abroad is the best decision I ever made, hands down.I attended every SAI event while in Rome, and it helped make the experience complete.”

Molly Nunn/ Winthrop University/ Dance Education/ Florence University of the Arts
“I studied abroad through SAI in Florence, Italy at the Florence University of the Arts. There, I participated in a majority of the activities and excursions that were provided through SAI, so I know first-hand that studying abroad through SAI is amazing. I want to share my amazing study abroad experience in Florence, Italy with others who are interested in studying abroad.”

Hamzah Sammour/ Indiana University of Pennsylvania/ Environmental Engineering/ John Cabot University
“Study abroad wasn’t considered as a vacation. Rather, it was a life-changing event. This experience gave me an insight more about myself by learning from new experiences such as adapting to different cultures, living independently, and language barriers.”

Lindsay Schaller/ Kansas State University/ Marketing/ Florence University of the Arts
“My semester abroad undoubtedly changed my life and my perspective on what it means to study abroad, to immerse into cultures far from my own, and to embrace the uncertainty and change that comes with it all.”

Molly Schaubroeck/ University of South Carolina/ Nursing/ Florence University of the Arts
“As a student who was studying abroad during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was in a situation that abroad students in the past have never experienced. Because of this, I think it is important now more than ever to share my stories from abroad in order to be of help to prospective students during these uncertain times. SAI handled the COVID logistics so well and made me feel safe during a time where everyone was feeling confused and scared.“

Maggie Stagnaro/ University of Alabama/ Political Science and Business/ John Cabot University
“I truly believe SAI enhanced my study abroad experience and made it so much more special, and I want to help provide that opportunity to others. The programs and excursions offered by SAI made my experience so much more special, and really helped me to immerse myself in the Italian culture.”

Gianna Stoller/ St. Mary’s College of California/ International Business/ John Cabot University
“When in the hands of the SAI program, I was pleased to have any question on my mind be answered. In addition to dealing with COVID-19 while in Europe, SAI was so helpful and comforted me until I arrived back in the United States. Though my experience was cut short, I learned so much about the city and want to be an ambassador to guide others.”

Anneliese Taggart/ University of Alabama/ Communication Studies & Political Science/ Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) 
“SAI was the best decision I could have made. They were SO accommodating, quick to respond, and settled any worries I had going into it. The apartments we were assigned were really nice and in a fantastic location. SAI gave the perfect amount of independence but also security and excursion opportunities. The staff were all so welcoming, easy to talk to, and made you feel right at home. They also planned great events and were fun to hang out with!” 

Bailey Wallace/ University of South Carolina/ Accounting/ Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
“Before I went over to Europe, I was on the edge if I should go or not but after talking to other students and advisors I made the best decision of my life and I would love to share that with others who might be in the same situation.”

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