SAI Affiliation

SAI welcomes all universities and colleges to consider SAI affiliation. We offer a variety of benefits for affiliation, both to students and faculty, in addition to our portfolio of trusted services for all students. Affiliation with SAI is designed as a customized relationship to best support each school’s study abroad mission and structure.

Following is a synopsis of our key services that we are proud to offer our affiliates.

Affiliate Tuition Discounts: SAI awards a $300 semester and $100 summer discount to every affiliate student enrolled in an SAI-affiliated program.

Scholarships: Students from affiliated institutions are eligible for all tuition scholarships offered by SAI.

Communication and Contact with Your Campus: SAI establishes and maintains ongoing communication and contact with our affiliates. Examples include the SAI Affiliate Newsletter, attendance at study abroad fairs, campus visits by SAI staff, program updates and planning site visits to SAI programs abroad.

Student Services: SAI offers affiliated colleges and universities a comprehensive range of student services, coordinated by an efficient and professional staff in the U.S. and abroad. Services include handling admissions, registration and student advising, special billing arrangements (including financial aid), student visa consultation, international health insurance, excursions, and housing. Our staff works closely with each student and is dedicated to facilitating the best possible study abroad experience based on her or his academic and personal needs. SAI provides affiliates with regular communication regarding student enrollments, program updates, site visits, customized program options, and students’ well-being abroad.

Health & Safety: SAI is dedicated to the promotion of health, safety and well-being of all students studying on our programs. Prior to departure, SAI provides students with information on important health and safety concerns. Health and safety matters are stressed in-country during orientation and throughout the program. Each student is given a cell phone with SAI emergency contact information and is briefed on emergency procedures. SAI experienced overseas staff is available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week in the event of an emergency. SAI provides timely communication to affiliates regarding health, safety and security issues.

Database and Tracking System: SAI provides all affiliate schools with password-secured, individual access to its online enrollment database, a key tool in tracking students. The database provides access to each student’s application status, course registration, local address, cell phone number and more. Database access is tailored for each affiliate school. Login here. Additionally, SAI provides affiliate schools with application alerts and enrollment verification emails to easily track students.

Course Syllabi: SAI gives affiliate schools access to all current course syllabi through a password-protected page within each program. Affiliate schools may refer to these syllabi for advising students, determining course equivalencies and sharing with departmental faculty or staff.

Suggested Course Equivalencies: SAI offers customized suggested course equivalencies across all disciplines and SAI partner institutions to affiliate schools upon request.

Internships and Volunteer Opportunities: SAI offers credit and non-credit internship opportunities that meet the academic and professional needs of students from a variety of disciplines. Volunteer and service opportunities are also available at our site locations.

Assistance with SAI Site Visits: SAI offers all affiliates assistance with site visits, determined on an individual basis. SAI on-site staff members are valuable resources in planning site visits for faculty and university administrators.

Faculty-Led & Custom Programs: SAI provides affiliate schools interested in developing custom or faculty-led programs with an established infrastructure, efficient planning, and excellent support. For more information see Faculty-led & Custom Programs.

For additional information regarding SAI affiliation, please Contact Academic Relations or call 800.655.8965.