Re-Entry Services

Returning home from studying abroad can be both difficult and exhilarating. Students often return home with a new excitement for their future, and a deepened interest in international education, travel, and global citizenship. SAI re-entry services welcome students home with the same community that they were welcomed with in their host country. We have simple re-entry procedures, and opportunities for students to become SAI alumni for life—the journey to becoming global citizens has only just begun!


Upon return from studying abroad, all SAI students are welcomed back by the Admissions Counselor who worked with them throughout pre-departure. Admissions Counselors are available to help with proper course and credit transfer, and can answer any questions students have about getting back into routines at home.


All SAI students receive one official transcript as part of their SAI program fee. Grades are sent out after students return home, and shortly thereafter transcripts are mailed to students or their home schools. See Transcripts for more information.

Sharing & Learning

We love to hear how each students’ study abroad experience went, and ask all returning students to fill out an evaluation. We take all feedback seriously, and are always interested in hearing ideas for how our programs can improve. Additionally, we welcome all returned students to consider sharing their experience via a blog post. Many students come back with insightful stories of the challenges and beauties of studying abroad, as well as great feedback for future students in the form of top spots, how to travel, and suggestions for life abroad.

Virtual Viva

While the program is over, we want to continue students’ connection to each other and their host community and culture. That’s why we created SAI Virtual Viva; it’s a continuation of the Viva Experience on-site, as we invite all alumni into a re-entry group to bring some of the lessons and experiences from abroad into their home communities. Through the group, we provide an array of ideas and experiences that students can participate in to help to bridge the transition home, as well as share and learn from one another.

SAI Alumni

We welcome students to remain involved in SAI and the study abroad community as a whole by joining SAI Alumni. Students have opportunities to attend study abroad events, connect with fellow alums, and receive SAI Alumni discounts for future programs.

SAI Ambassador Program

The SAI Ambassador Program allows a group of carefully selected SAI alumni the opportunity to share their study abroad experience on their home campus, while jumpstarting an interest or career in international education. SAI Ambassadors receive special access to international education trainings, materials and events, and help to promote study abroad among their peers.