Study Abroad in the City of Lights.

One of the most beloved cities in the world, Paris awakens students’ creativity, sense of adventure and global understanding. Paris is known for its stunning neo-classical architecture, and its historical center has remained largely unchanged since the 1860s. The capital of France, Paris is a city for students to discover, with lively streets, stunning architecture, historical and contemporary art, fashion, and delectable food around every corner. Students living in Paris become a part of the international patchwork of citizens who make it their home.

SAI students benefit from a strong community of peers studying at various SAI partner schools in Paris. SAI’s Paris office is centrally located and provides study and meeting space for students, and our staff holds open office hours to provide support and guidance. Program-inclusive activities in Paris range from cooking courses and wine tasting, to ballet performances and beach trips.

Student Life

Paris has something for everyone, as each of the 20 arrondissements (or districts) that make up the city take on a life of their own. Students can spend their lunch breaks overlooking the bustle of the Eiffel Tower, exploring museums, or perusing the boutique markets of Montmartre. Thanks to an impressive public transportation system, all of Paris and its outskirts are easily accessible, granting students great independence and ample opportunities to explore. SAI Paris students also have great options for community integration and leadership during their term abroad:

  • Volunteering opportunities include educational outreach, refugee assistance, and food services, among many others.
  • Undergraduate internship opportunities are available in the semester, both for credit and non-credit.
  • Semester students can enroll in the SAI Global Leadership Certificate in Paris, which is an exploration of research, engagement in community service and interaction with opinion leaders to broaden students’ global outlook and leadership mentality.