Share Your Experience

Many students return from studying abroad feeling changed, and with a refreshed or new outlook on their life and future. Whatever your experience, you no doubt learned a great deal. We want to know what made your experience special, how it could have been improved, and how you changed.

Share your experience with future students

Remember when you were thinking about studying abroad? You probably wanted to know everything you could about the program you were setting off to. As a returned student who has had time to process everything that happened—the highs and lows of living abroad and getting yourself our of your comfort zone—you can help future study abroad students understand what they can expect, and help them prepare. We welcome all alumni to write a blog post reflecting on their experience, whether it be what they gained abroad, packing tips, top restaurants, how to cope with language barriers, or anything else of relevance. Submit your proposed blog post, and we will feature it!

SAI alumni can also help future students by filling out an online review of their SAI experience on a partner review site:

Study Abroad 101 | GoOverseas | GoAbroad

Come back and see us

It’s hard to say goodbye—and we don’t want to! That’s why we offer discounts for alumni to return abroad with SAI.

If you find yourself back in your host city for vacation, a job, or another abroad program, be sure to stop by the SAI office and say hello. Our staff love to see familiar faces, and to hear about how you are doing.

Tell us what you’re up to

We love to hear what our alumni are doing. Have you pursued a career or passion that was sparked while you were abroad? Did your experience abroad turn you into a world traveler? Have you used the skills you learned abroad to succeed in your career? Did you meet people abroad that changed you forever? We want to know about it! Keep us up to date by filling out our Alumni Updates form.

Read some recent Alumni Spotlights to see how studying abroad has impacted student’s careers:

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For more, search “Alumni Spotlight” on our blog