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Are you ready to launch your career?

Get a step up in your career prospects by completing a professional or graduate program abroad. There is no greater way to set yourself apart in today’s professional world than by earning an international credential.

Career Programs

Earn a Career Certificate that demonstrates a University-level professional credential in a specific field of study. Choose from Hospitality, Culinary Arts, Fashion Design, and Communication subjects.

Florence University of the Arts

Graduate & Master's Programs

Completing graduate-level coursework abroad, whether it be for a semester or a full Master’s degree, can be a transformative experience. You’ll leave equipped with both the hard skills pertinent to your field of study, and the soft skills vital for success in today’s interconnected world.

SAI Graduate and Master’s programs are offered at top Universities in Europe, and offer the opportunity to explore your field from a new perspective.

SAI Graduate & Master's Programs
Textile Design in Milan

Earn a Master's Degree in Textile Design

The Master of Arts in Textile Design at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA) trains professionals to manage the creative processes that are critical in the fields of textile and knitwear design. The program includes innovative and sustainable workshops, which help students to gain a holistic perspective on the subject. All program lecturers are industry professionals, who guide students as they develop their own visions, which are ultimately expressed in the students’ final portfolio projects.

NABA Textile Design

SAI Locations

Explore the locations where you can complete Graduate and Professional coursework with SAI. Each SAI partner school is rooted in the deep culture and history of its city and people.

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