Health Science

With an aging population and advances in technology, the health science field is growing in both demand and creativity. Studying health science abroad allows you to earn academic credits while enhancing your cross-cultural competency and observing alternative health care systems first-hand. SAI partner schools offer a wide variety of courses ranging from Hematology to Chinese Medicine. You can take advantage of the international experience by exploring regional and cultural approaches to Nutrition or capitalize on Europe’s love of soccer by studying the technical aspects of targeted training regimens, with opportunities to visit sports venues and observe professional training sessions. Studying in Europe also puts you at the center of international debates on geopolitics and global health, from the study of disease and immunology to international relief efforts. Have the experience of a lifetime studying health science abroad while honing your personal, academic and professional skills.

Health Science includes: Food & Nutrition Science • Global & Public Health • Health Science • Sports Science

Course Highlights: The SAI program at FUA offers many courses for Nursing and Health Science students. Examples include Clinical Observations, Geriatric Healthcare, Public Health Policy, Pediatric Healthcare, Assessment, Comparative Health Systems, and more.