Diversity & Inclusion

SAI is dedicated to providing education abroad opportunities to all students. Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, made up of a cross-section of staff members from various departments, meets regularly to work on initiatives to better serve our students and stakeholders.

The SAI Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Committee was established to steer SAI toward better serving underrepresented student groups by offering individualized support before, during and after study abroad, thereby increasing access to international education for students of all backgrounds and identities. We strive to welcome each student as an individual, recognizing their intersecting identities and experiences, and valuing their contribution to our student group. The DEI Committee is committed to fostering a supportive and welcoming environment for anyone who chooses to embark on a program with SAI.

We have compiled a list of resources around identity and diversity to help you during the study abroad planning process. Please reach out to us if you would like any further information or assistance.

Mobility & Accessibility

While there is no requirement for students to disclose a disability prior to applying to SAI, SAI is committed to doing everything in our power to provide accommodations to all students who require them. In general, most SAI cities are well-suited to accommodate physical disabilities, and some partner schools are able to provide accommodations for learning disabilities. However, some cities and schools are better suited than others. Students with disabilities are therefore encouraged to begin planning their study abroad experience well in advance and to begin their search by speaking with an SAI admissions counselor. This will allow ample time to identify the right program for you, and for SAI to provide reasonable accommodations. We also encourage you to consult your home school student accessibility and study abroad offices.

Following are resources that provide further information on study abroad and travel for people with disabilities.

Mobility International USA (MIUSA): An organization dedicated to helping students with disabilities study abroad.

US Department of State: Travelers with Disabilities: Information on laws regarding accessibility for, or discrimination against, persons with disabilities.

Diversity Abroad: Questions for students with disabilities to consider before they study abroad.

Emerging Horizons: A resource for travel with disabilities.

Race & Ethnicity

AllAbroad: Offers helpful information and advice for students of all backgrounds to study abroad.

Diversity Abroad Articles: Interesting articles from Diversity Abroad, an organization committed to helping underrepresented students study abroad.

Tips for Heritage Seekers Traveling Abroad (Diversity Abroad)

PLATO Supporting Diversity in Study Abroad: A program of the Center for Global Education, this page provides resources for underrepresented study abroad students.

The Black Expat: A platform focused on Black identity and international living. 


U.S. State Department LGBTI Travel Information: Provides tips and resources for the LGBTQ community on travel-related topics, including passports information.

International Lesbian and Gay Association: Provides information on gay rights around the world, and contains a map highlighting potentially dangerous regions and countries.

International Gay/Lesbian Travel Association: Assists with finding LGBTQIA+ owned and welcoming travel-related businesses in over 75 countries.

International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission: An international LGBTQ campaign providing information on the legal, social and political LGBTQ climate by region.

OutTraveler: Provides information on LGBTQ-friendly travel around the world.

GlobalGayz: An LGBTQ travel and culture site that that compiles news reports, links, stories and photo galleries for over 190 countries.

Diversity Abroad: LGBTQ+ Students Abroad: Resources and articles focused on considerations and tips for LGBTQIA+ students.

National Center for Transgender Equality: Information and resources about the rights of transgender people navigating U.S. airports and TSA security. 

PrEP Abroad: Information on PrEP costs, access, and advocacy across the globe. 

GoAbroad: Meaningful Travel Tips and Tales – LGBTQ Traveler’s Perspectives

EqualDex: A global platform outlining the status of various LGBT laws by country.

5 Things to Know About LGBTQIA+ Culture in Italy

Barcelona, an LGBTQI City: Comprehensive guide on Barcelona’s LGBTQ-friendly associations, beaches, bookshops, and nightlife.

First Generation

GoAbroad.com: First-Generation Students Study Abroad Guide

Studying in Florence as a First Generation Student (SAI blog post)

Studying in Rome as a First Generation Student (SAI blog post)

Diversity Abroad: Articles and considerations for first generation students traveling abroad

Military & Veterans

U.S. Veteran Affairs Benefits for Education Abroad Programs: A helpful tool for utilizing veterans affairs funding.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Education and Training: Learn how your veterans benefits can be used toward a study abroad program.

Veterans Affairs Information About Study Abroad Programs: Factsheet providing basic information on veterans’ study abroad benefits.

SAI Military Service Recognition Discount: SAI provides a discount to military veterans.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

NAFSA Financial Aid and Study Abroad Facts: Answers to basic questions about using financial aid toward study abroad.

Federal Student Aid: U.S. Department of Education office providing resources to help students prepare for aid.

Federal Student Aid Resources: Use this guide to navigate the resources available on the student aid website.

SAI Scholarships & Alternative Funding Sources: Apply to SAI scholarships, awarded based on merit and need, and browse other recommended funding sources.