Study in the global fashion capital.

Milan is the industrial, commercial, and financial center of Italy and a leading global powerhouse. The city of Milan presents a harmonious fusion between stunning historical monuments such as the Milan Cathedral, cutting-edge fashion and design seen in the fashion district of Quadrilatero dell Moda, internationally recognized music and performance in noteworthy theaters, and the financial district of Porta Nuova teeming with powerful executives. Milan welcomes people from around the world, with one sixth of its population being foreign born.

Students in Milan can enjoy the city, as well as easily travel to nearby treasures such as the Italian Alps, Lake Como, and the remarkable canals of Venice. SAI offers students opportunities to study at the undergraduate and graduate level at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC), Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA) and Domus Academy (DA). SAI on-site staff welcome students to the city and provide advising and support, as well as open office hours. Program-inclusive activities in Milan include wine tasting, museum tours and cooking classes, with day trips to nearby sites like Lake Como.

Student Life

Study abroad students in Milan enjoy daily life in a dynamic, modern, international city. In addition to exploring Italy’s rich design heritage, students are challenged to develop their own creative voices and to explore new ideas, approaches and methods in the bustling city. Since Milan is a large city, students find themselves using the efficient public transit to get around, including getting from their apartments to school. Nightlife is abundant in Milan, with thousands of restaurants, cafes, and shows to enjoy.

In addition to all that the city has to offer, SAI Milan students can get involved in an array of volunteer and leadership activities while abroad, including helping at a soup kitchen or environmental cleanup, or getting involved in local festivals such as the Milan Film Festival or Design Week.