Modern Languages & Cultures

What better way to learn a foreign language or the nuances of a foreign culture than to immerse yourself in it? SAI works closely with local communities to provide you with the maximum amount of opportunities to create meaningful immersion experiences. In some locations, you have the option to live in homestays with local families and/or volunteer in the community. While most SAI partner school coursework is offered in English, courses taught in the host country language are also available. If you do not have any previous language experience, you can enroll in introductory language courses and practice your new skills in the real world while still having the comfort and safety of a built-in social network with your fellow SAI students and on-site staff. SAI partner schools will allow you to get to know the country and language through its culture, exploring how elements like architecture, politics, education, food, art and music work together to create a unique cultural identity. You can also explore the interrelationship between language and culture, learning both colloquialisms and professional terms, using the city itself as your classroom. 

Modern Languages & Cultures includes: French • Italian • Spanish • Language Teaching • Linguistics • Cultural Studies