Syracuse Academy

Find inspiration on the sea.

Syracuse Academy provides specialized study abroad programs focused on Mediterranean culture, landscape and history, in a beautiful seaside setting. The school brings together a small community of students interested in a culturally immersive summer academic experience that uses the surrounding region as its classroom. Students can study archaeology among ancient Greek ruins, the history of the Mafia in its birthplace, or Italian language through daily interaction with locals.

U.S. School of Record
St. Norbert College (WI)
— starting Fall 2023: St. Martin’s University (WA)

Language of Instruction

Up to 50 study abroad students from around the world.


  • Beautiful location on the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Join a tight-knit community of students.
  • Unique courses include the mafia, and archaeology.

Syracuse Academy manages strong connections with local NGOs, politicians, artists, and local businesses, through which the school is able to provide unique opportunities for community engagement, including seminars and practicums, volunteer teaching and environmentally-focused programs, independent research, and academic internships. Additionally, the school helps to facilitate cultural understanding and Italian language acquisition through a well-established tandem exchange program with local Italian students.

Areas of Study

Modern Languages & Cultures
Natural Science
Social Science

Student Life at Syracuse Academy

Students at Syracuse Academy feel quickly at home in the local community, as they shop in the daily outdoor markets, join locals for evening outdoor performances and activities, and savor an experience like no other. Students live in apartments in the historical heart of the city, Ortigia, just steps from the seaside. On weekends, students can explore all that the island of Sicily has to offer, or can easily hop on a train or flight to the rest of Italy, Europe and beyond.