Business & Economics

We live in an increasingly globalized world, fueled by international business and trade. Although business and economics operate on a global scale, each individual country and culture has their own approach to its study and practice. Studying abroad affords the opportunity for cultural immersion and a first-hand understanding of how that country’s economy operates both individually and in a larger geopolitical context. Studying in Western Europe puts you at the center of the current debate about the Eurozone and institutions such as the IMF and WTO, allowing you to experience the reality of how political and economic changes impact international business. SAI partner schools offer a wide variety of courses in topics such as Entrepreneurship, Economics, Human Resources, Cross-Cultural Management and Marketing across various disciplines. SAI partner schools John Cabot University (JCU) and Paris School of Business (PSB) are both AACSB accredited, while SAI schools of record University of South Florida (Florence University of the Arts) and Jacksonville University (Sant’Anna Institute) are also AACSB accredited. Whether you want to start your own non-profit or work for an international corporation, studying abroad can give you a competitive academic and professional advantage. Learning to navigate a foreign environment, speak a foreign language, and work collaboratively across cultures are very marketable skills that will help you transition to your professional career.

Business & Economics includes: Business & International Business • Accounting & Finance • Economics • Entrepreneurship • Marketing & Business Strategy • Management