Universitat de Vic

The Universitat de Vic (UVic) has a distinguished history and a long reputation for academic excellence. Named for the town of Vic where the main campus is located, the university maintains a thriving study abroad center in the very heart of Barcelona. SAI students at UVic benefit from the school’s world-class teaching staff and strong connections to Barcelona’s vibrant business and design communities. As an international hub of design, fashion, and entrepreneurship, Barcelona is the ideal setting for students who wish to learn directly from professional entrepreneurs, while enjoying the energy and dynamism of the Catalan capital.

U.S. School of Record
St. Martin’s University (WA)

Language of Instruction
English, with opportunity for some in Spanish

Around 200 students attending courses on central Barcelona campus


  • Unique international business and design course offerings, including Marketing and Fashion
  • Opportunity to interact with local experts in the fields of business and design
  • Barcelona is an international hub of entrepreneurial creativity

Students enrolled at UVic immerse themselves in Catalan culture and explore the qualities which draw emerging talent to Barcelona from around the world. The program includes a multitude of interactive learning experiences, including engagement with the local community. Students learn about globalization and international competitiveness from local professors and working entrepreneurs.

Areas of Study

Business & Economics
Fashion Design & Merchandising
Interior & Product Design

Student Life at UVic

UVic-Barcelona’s student life office is located in the heart of Barcelona, which gives students the opportunity to explore Catalan culture and history. A mix of SAI organized activities, excursions and independent exploration will provide students with an in-depth knowledge and appreciation of Barcelona’s art and architecture, business and design, and history and culture.