Elisava School of Design

Dynamism & creativity in the heart of Barcelona.

Founded in 1961, Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering was the first school of design to open in Spain, thus becoming the first to offer a design–specific curriculum. As a pioneer, Elisava’s role has been instrumental in shaping the culture of design in Catalonia and Spain. Elisava is included in Domus magazine’s Top 100 Design Schools in Europe.

U.S. School of Record
Undergrad: St. Martin’s University (WA)

Language of Instruction

Up to 50 study abroad students from around the world.


  • Study design in Barcelona, a hub for creativity and cultural richness.
  • Highly-skilled teaching staff composed of professionals in design fields.
  • Exceptional art and design facilities and exhibition space available.

Academic Levels
Undergraduate, Master’s Degree & Professional Certificate.

Elisava’s programs offer cutting-edge design disciplines, strongly geared to the professional and promoting close collaboration with companies, institutions and universities around the world. Elisava offers undergraduate study abroad design programs in English, as well as various Master’s and Postgraduate degree programs in English. Elisava is affiliated with the Universitat de Vic (UVic), which awards the school’s formal degrees. The school is located in the historical center of Barcelona, along the bustling La Rambla, and a short walk from the Mediterranean Sea.

Areas of Study

Art History & Architecture
Digital & Studio Arts
Interior & Product Design
Modern Languages & Cultures
Graduate Level

Student Life at Elisava

Visiting students at Elisava immerse themselves in a dynamic and cosmopolitan learning environment populated by scholars and instructors from around the world. Furthermore, they enjoy the comradery that develops when a group of talented individuals comes together for rigorous study. An emphasis on collaborative work, industry interface, and individual creativity are at the heart of the Elisava student experience.