Health & Safety

Student safety, security, and health are of primary importance to SAI. While we can never guarantee an entirely risk-free environment, we are committed to doing everything in our power to ensure a positive and safe experience for our participants.

For SAI emergency procedures, updates, and phone numbers see health & safety alerts
For information regarding SAI’s response to Coronavirus please see COVID-19 updates

Following are the health and safety features included in all SAI programs:

  • 24-hour emergency contact service on-site
  • Experienced on-site staff based in each program location providing personal care and attention. Staff maintains close ties with local authorities and monitors public announcements and travel warnings issued by the U.S. State Department.
  • Information regarding health and safety abroad provided in various mediums, including via a handbook, at orientation, and regularly throughout the SAI program.
  • International student health insurance provided by CISI. SAI on-site staff can refer students to English-speaking doctors, and in more serious cases, accompany the student to the hospital.
  • Robust Health, Safety and Emergency Management Procedures, an SAI Health & Safety Committee that meets regularly to review safety climate, and a clear crisis communication system. See COVID-19 updates for specific policy updates related to current programs.

Student Safety

SAI on-site offices are staffed by exceptional staff that are both native and American-born professionals in international education. All staff have spent significant time (if not their entire lives!) in the host city, and maintain strong networks with local authorities and U.S. Embassy personnel.

As part of all SAI on-site orientations, students discuss potential security threats in their host city, and learn best practices for overseas safety. Students receive emergency contact information, and review protocols for maintaining communication with on-site staff. SAI also convenes students halfway through the term for Re-Orientation, in which safety issues and concerns are discussed and reviewed.

As part of our commitment to safety, we work to carefully monitor the whereabouts of all our students. SAI students are asked to fill out Travel Itinerary forms whenever they are traveling so that our staff is able to contact all students should they need to. Additionally, all students are automatically registered with the nearest U.S. Embassy through the U.S. Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).

The following are important resources for monitoring the safety and security of U.S. student travel:

Student Health

Studying abroad drastically changes daily routines: students enjoy new foods, practice different social norms, and likely travel significantly. As a result of all this excitement, students’ physical and mental health can be affected. SAI provides all students with student health insurance coverage by CISI, Cultural Insurance Services International. Our on-site staff manage a comprehensive list of English-speaking doctors, and staff is always available to accompany students to doctor visits in severe cases. For information on the provided Health Insurance Policy see below.

SAI automatically provides all students with CISI student health insurance. The CISI plan, designed specifically for cultural exchange participants, provides accident and sickness insurance, medical evacuation and repatriation, as well as security evacuations should they become necessary. The plan also includes a worldwide, 24-hour emergency telephone assistance service, offering multilingual medical, travel, and technical advice. Before departure, students receive an explanation of benefits, as well as instructions on how to print the insurance ID card.

Coverage and Services Maximum Limits
Medical expenses (per covered accident or sickness) – deductible zero
Medical expenses (per covered accident or sickness) – benefit maximum
*note: Spain semester students are covered under a different plan with no medical expense maximum (unlimited).
$500,000 at 100%
Accidental death and dismemberment per insured person $10,000
Emergency medical reunion $1,500
Quarantine $2,000
Trip delay $500 ($100/day)
Emergency medical evacuation $100,000
Repatriation/return of mortal remains $100,000
Security evacuation (comprehensive) $100,000
Team assist plan (24/7 medical, travel, technical assistance)

As with all insurance policies, there are some coverage exceptions; please review the CISI website for policy details. Note that medical care resulting from pre-existing conditions (exclusive of congenital abnormalities, which are not covered) are covered up to $1,000.

Coverage is provided for the duration of the SAI program only. In cases where students are enrolled in consecutive programs with a gap under 1 month, coverage will extend to cover the gap. For larger gaps, students can enroll in the additional Personal Travel Plan directly through the insurance provider.

Visit for access to plan details, contact information, and provider networks.