SAI programs stand out for our services, ranging from our personal attention, to our 24/7 support on-site.

What’s Included

SAI programs offer two service models: 360° Services & Select Services. The services included in each reflect the varying needs and interests of our students at different stages of their education.

Passport, Visa & Travel

We provide consultation and assistance for all of our students’ travel needs, including passport applications, travel booking, and navigating the complex and sometimes tedious student visa application process. In some instances we are even able to process student visa applications ourselves.

Health & Safety

Student safety, security, and health are of primary importance to SAI, and we have a number of services available that help our students relax and enjoy their time abroad. All of our programs include student health insurance, and our knowledgeable on-site staff provide 24/7 emergency support.


Creating a home abroad begins with a comfortable living space, and we are proud to be able to offer some of the best housing in study abroad! 360° Services programs come with housing included in the program fee, with options for student apartments and family homestays in some locations.

On-Site Support

SAI on-site staff provide trusting and continuing support to students while they are abroad. Staff welcome students through a comprehensive orientation, maintain regular office hours throughout the term, and arrange a variety of activities and excursions.

Career Development

SAI programs offer a variety of activities that help students gain meaningful experiences abroad beyond classroom learning. These opportunities foster a global outlook and a leadership mentality, and prepare students for future careers and global citizenship.


Study abroad does not end when students return home, and SAI offers opportunities for students to continue to be involved in SAI and international education on their home campus, while also connecting with the many friends they met abroad.