Study where the streets breathe history.

Nestled in rolling hills in the heart of Tuscany, Siena was first settled during Etruscan times and during the time of Emperor Augustus, a Roman town was founded on the site of Siena. With its narrow winding roads and medieval architecture, Siena appears all but untouched by modern times. One can wander through tucked-away squares and tour museums and churches that are home to countless renowned works of Byzantine, Renaissance and High Renaissance art.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city is a major attraction and is also a bustling university town. The city offers exciting sporting and cultural events year-round, including the heart-stopping summer hose race, Il Palio. SAI has partnered with SIS Intercultural Study Abroad to offer a unique immersive language and cultural experience within Siena’s tight-knit community. SAI students join the school’s varied activities including hiking, wine and cheese tastings, visiting hot springs and operas, and even attending the famous Il Palio.

SAI Siena Partner Schools

Student Life

A major tourist destination, Siena maintains a small community feel through its historic traditions, delicious Tuscan food, and neighborhood loyalty. Students get to know Siena’s community through their homestay and language integration, and are quickly able to navigate the city easily by foot and transit. SAI Siena students have various opportunities to get involved in community and leadership activities:

  • Volunteer opportunities include teaching English, visiting with the elderly, and assisting on the city ambulance.
  • Semester credit-bearing and non-credit internships are available in global health, community organization, language, and much more.