Visiting Siena

Let our knowledgeable on-site staff help you plan your trip to Siena, Italy. Below we provide information on accommodations and hotels, eating and restaurants, and tourism, compiled by our on-site staff living in Siena. If you would like any more specific information, please reach out to us!

Getting to Siena

The nearest airport is the Pisa Galileo Galilei Airport (PSA). Visitors have various options for getting to Siena from PSA.

Train: Catch the PisaMover shuttle bus from the airport to the main Pisa train station, Pisa Centrale. It leaves every 10 minutes from the airport and the trip takes 8 minutes. You must take a train from Pisa Centrale to Empoli (about 30 minutes), and then transfer at Empoli to the train to Siena (about 1 hour and 15 minutes). In total the trip lasts about 2 hours and costs about €13.

Bus: You can also take a bus from the Pisa airport to Siena, with a bus transfer in Florence. This trip takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes and costs about €15. For more information see here.

Taxi: A taxi ride from Pisa Airport to Siena takes about 2 hours and costs around €200. It is best to book a private taxi in advance for the long ride.

Five Stars

Grand Hotel Continental: Banchi di Sopra, 85, 53100 Siena. +39 0577 56011. Built in the 1700s as an aristocratic residence, this palatial hotel is centrally located with short walks to Piazza del Campo and the Cathedral.

Three Stars

Hotel Duomo: Via Stalloreggi, 38, 53100 Siena. +39 0577 289088. Located in an antique mansion whose history can be traced to the 12th century, this hotel is on one of the oldest streets in Siena in the historical center of town.

Hotel Chiusarelli: Viale Curtatone, 15, 53100 Siena. +39 0577 280562. Set in a neoclassical villa dating from 1870, this stately hotel is ideally located and offers rooms with park and city views.

Hotel Moderno: Via Baldassarre Peruzzi, 19 Siena. +39 057 728 0034. Recently remodeled, 59 room elegant and classic hotel.

Two Stars

Piccolo Hotel Etruria: Vicolo Donzelle, 53100 Siena. +39 0577 288088. This family-run hotel, set in a 16th century building with a stone tower, has straightforward rooms which feature subdued traditional decor, antiques-filled common areas, and a terrace overlooking the streets of Siena.

Piccolo Hotel Etruria: Via Montanini 28 53100 Siena. +39 0577 44321. This hotel is located in an early 18th century building originally owned by the noble Bulgarini family and well connected to the main sights and shopping areas of Siena.

Bed & Breakfast

Antica Residenza Cicogna: Via delle Terme, 76, 53100 Siena. +39 0577 285613. In the heart of Siena’s historic center, just a few steps away from Piazza del Campo and the Cathedral, Antica Residenza Cicogna is a charming medieval B&B, conveniently located to let you enjoy the beauty of Siena in a warm and homey environment.


Albergo Tre Donzelle: Vicolo delle Donzelle, 5, 53100 Siena. +39 0577 270390. Hotel Tre Donzelle is centrally located in Siena, situated in a 19th century architectural style building, whose origins date back many centuries, the earliest records being the early 1450s.

Siena is located in the heart of Tuscany amid a wide hilly landscape. Built on three steep hills and encircled by ancient walls, the medieval city of Siena welcomes its visitors with a Latin motto at the Porta Camollia entrance to the center “Cor Magis Tibi Saena Pandit” (Siena opens its heart to you wider than this gate).

Trattoria La Torre: Via di Salicotto, 7. +39 0577 287548. A genuine experience near Piazza del Campo; a wonderful selection of fresh pasta dishes and local meat favorites – the owner is a bit of a character!

Boccon del Prete: Via di San Pietro, 17. +39 0577 280388. Menu contains a variety of local and more inventive dishes, typical locale with lots of character.

Taverna di Cecco: Via Cecco Angliolieri, 19. +39 0577.288.318. Quaint restaurant with a selection of hearty and typically Tuscan dishes.

Nonno Mede: Via Camporegio, 19. +39 0577 247966. Large portions, good pizza, wines and a wonderful view.

Il Pomodorino Pizzeria: Via Camporegio, 13. +39 0577 286811. Great view, excellent pizzas, salads and specialty beers with a nice ambiance.

Osteria Le Logge: Via del Porrione, 33. +39 0577 48013. Regarded as one of Siena’s best restaurants, Le Logge offers an ever-changing menu of innovative dishes and an extensive wine list.

La Taverna di San Giuseppe: Via Giovanni Dupre’ 132. +39 0577 42286. Wonderful dishes and wines with a great atmosphere and exquisite presentation.

Antica Osteria Da Divo: Via Franciosa, 25. +39 0577 286054. Excellent menu with a suggestive atmosphere offering an exceptional dining experience.

Ristorante Il Mugolone: Via dei Pellegrini, 8. +39 0577 283039. One of Siena’s historic restaurants offering traditional many Tuscan favorites.

Siena is perched on three hills connected by three major streets forming a Y-shape and intersecting in a valley that became the Piazza del Campo. The city, built around the Piazza del Campo, was devised as a work of art that blends into the surrounding landscape.

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