Learning to live in a new environment is an important part of the study abroad experience. We recognize the importance of safe and comfortable living spaces that help students make new friends and build community. SAI staff are on hand to help orient students to their new housing, and they remain available throughout the term to answer questions and assist with maintenance needs that may arise.

SAI housing is included in 360° Services programs. Students can choose between:

  • Standard Housing, included in the program fee
  • Optional Housing, where available, which may incur an additional fee (ex. homestay with meals)
  • Alternate Housing, opting out of SAI housing (available in some instances)

See each program for information on available housing options.

Student Shared Apartments

SAI student apartments are located in buildings and areas shared by local residents throughout the host cities. This grants students exposure to everyday life in that city: shopping at local markets, enjoying a morning coffee at the neighborhood cafe, and establishing relationships with other locals in the building or around the neighborhood. Each SAI apartment accommodates between 2 and 8 students and is unique in size, age, floor plan, and number of bedrooms. SAI offers shared and private bedrooms and all apartments are clean and well equipped with basic furnishings, a kitchen, living area and bathroom. A washing machine, kitchen supplies, bedding and linens are provided. See below for images of SAI student apartments.


Homestays are available in some host locations, and are a terrific way to ensure that language skills and cultural knowledge grow. Homestay families are thoroughly screened and are accustomed to welcoming visiting students into their homes. Homestays provide a shared or single bedroom in the family home with basic furnishings. Meals included vary by city. In some locations, homestays may be outside of the city center and require a commute to reach school.

Student Residences

Student Residences are available in some host locations, and offer new, comfortable spaces. Student residences typically offer furnished private bedrooms and bathrooms, with shared living spaces and kitchenettes. While amenities vary by residence, they often include community spaces like a game room, gym, and sometimes swimming pools. There is often a front desk manager that can provide direct assistance and monitor visitor access.


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