Academic Services

At SAI, we understand that studying abroad often begins with the home school, and we provide a variety of resources and assistance to home schools and study abroad offices to help make studying abroad possible for all students.

Academic Relations Team

As part of our personalized and community-based model, the SAI Academic Relations team develops and fosters relationships with universities across the country to provide assistance and resources in the form of advising on programs, costs, and services, and providing study-specific information, course equivalencies, and syllabi. If you would like to meet with an Academic Relations team member please Contact Academic Relations.

Events & Networking

We host events to convene university staff and faculty to discuss and share best practices on pressing issues in study abroad, as well as discipline-specific meetings to seek new internationalization opportunities.

Information Sessions & Orientations

SAI is glad to arrange information sessions on campus for students interested in studying abroad with us. We also can arrange to deliver pre-departure orientations for large groups of students studying with SAI. These orientations offer a personal touch and help prepare students for a seamless study abroad experience.

Academic Advising

Each student is assigned an SAI Admissions Counselor who complements his or her home school advisor by helping with course information, recommendations and registration. Students receive a Course Approval form to ensure that they are gaining the appropriate approvals for their courses to transfer to their home school. Students also have access to syllabi to use in their meetings with home school advisors, and our Admissions Counselors are always available to students’ advisors to answer questions or provide further details. While abroad, SAI academic advising continues, with our on-site staff monitoring students’ course progress, assisting with add/drop, and any academic concerns.

Virtual Services

In addition to campus based services, we offer a variety of virtual options in real time and asynchronous formats. These options can be integrated into university activities or scheduled as stand alone events. Learn more about our virtual options.

Information & Resources

We manage an array of resources that can help faculty and advisors understand our programs, and speak to students about studying abroad. Take a look at our online brochures or submit a materials request via our Contact Academic Relations form and we’ll happily mail some to you.

Site Visits

SAI is happy to arrange site visits for faculty and advisors to better understand SAI’s programs, partner schools, and cities. Please use the Site Visit Request Form.