Career Development

SAI programs offer a variety of activities that help students gain meaningful experiences abroad beyond classroom learning. These opportunities foster a global outlook and a leadership mentality, and prepare students for future careers and global citizenship. Following are examples of these unique opportunities; more information is provided on each school page.


Internships are an excellent way to extend learning beyond the classroom, explore career options, and build professional networks. SAI internships, offered in most of our undergraduate programs, allow students to develop or improve language skills and gain real-world experience in professional environments. SAI internship opportunities are part-time, with credit and non-credit options both in the semester and summer. See Internships for more.

Semester Global Leadership Certificate

At SAI, we seek to give students ample opportunities to foster a global outlook and a leadership mentality. We believe that study abroad alumni can become leaders in their communities and future fields, as they carry their academic and cultural experiences into their futures. We foster students’ leadership potential by offering a unique Global Leadership Certificate program as a part of some semester programs. Students in this SAI Certificate Program broaden their awareness of global issues and deepen their knowledge of the local host community’s role in an increasingly interconnected world through exploration of research, engagement in community services and interaction with experts and leaders. See Global Leadership Certificate for more.

Community Volunteering

Each SAI host city offers students a variety of service activities in their community. Through volunteering, students examine real-life problems and collaborate with local residents to address community needs. Volunteers are able to explore a field of their interest, and build skills that can transfer into their future careers. Examples of community activities available to SAI students include working with local immigration officials, teaching English and computer skills, serving the elderly community, participating with local medical emergency teams, or providing services to youth. See each city page for information on specific volunteering options.

SAI also offers the International Service Certificate to motivated students who wish to return home with an additional certification acknowledging their commitment to their host community.

Honors Program

The SAI Honors Program allows academically talented students to satisfy their intellectual and cultural curiosities and earn additional credentials for studying abroad. The Honors Program, available in Rome, helps students to distinguish their work and boost their resumes by enrolling in honors coursework, completing community service, and attending scholarly seminars, all while under the guidance and support of an honors coordinator.