SAI Intl Service Certificate

Once abroad, many students search for ways to engage in a deeper and more meaningful way with their new community. For many students, volunteering provides a meaningful link to the community and a way of enriching the study abroad student experience.

The SAI International Service Certificate is awarded to SAI semester students in Florence, Rome, Barcelona and Paris who are motivated to engage with and give back to their host community. Supported by SAI on-site staff, students who earn the certificate gain valuable skills collaborating with local community groups, and obtain a unique perspective of their host city. Volunteers are able to explore a field of their interest, and build skills that can transfer into their future careers. 

The SAI International Service Certificate provides an additional acknowledgement of the student’s commitment to their community beyond their study abroad coursework. For successful completion of the certificate, students must:

  • Attend an initial information session and training on-site;
  • Engage in consistent community service during the semester for a minimum of 15 hours;
  • Attend two group meetings throughout the term (one mid-term, one end of term) that offer time to share experiences and deepen cultural understanding;  
  • Submit a 250-word minimum final reflection blog post that incorporates lessons learned and skills gained through the experience. 

Upon successful completion, students receive a letter that confirms completion of the certificate and related activities, along with a printed certificate.

Students who are interested in this program attend an information session during orientation week in their host city.

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