Study abroad amid the Renaissance.

The treasure that is the city of Florence has attracted visitors from every society, from Roman to modern times. Though Florence is an ancient city, the focal point today is its Renaissance art and architecture, which have contributed to it frequently being named one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Considered the birthplace of the Renaissance, its streets present a stunning reflection of the birth and development of modern society, which shifted importance toward the individual and creativity. Today Florence is also a busy center for art and design, home to top fashion, architecture and culinary delights.

Florence is a bustling study abroad city, in which students regularly interact with visitors from around the world. SAI’s main partner school in Florence is Florence University of the Arts (FUA). We also partner with Polimoda Institute of Fashion Design & Business to provide Master’s courses. The SAI Florence office is centrally located and offers meeting and study space for students, as well as open office hours during which on-site staff provide support and guidance. Program-inclusive activities in Florence include bookmaking, soccer games, and cooking classes, as well as day trips to nearby sites.

Student Life

Florence is a very manageable city for students, with a small-town feel juxtaposed with a thriving economy and bustling tourism. Students can easily go between small piazzas away from it all and the lively pedestrian-only center of the city where live music and streetside vendors abound. SAI Florence students can get involved in an array of community and leadership activities:

  • Volunteering opportunities in Florence include teaching, museum curation, library services, theater, and much more.
  • Undergraduate internship opportunities are available during the semester and summer both for credit and non-credit.
  • Semester students can enroll in the SAI Global Leadership Certificate in Florence, which is an exploration of research, engagement in community service and interaction with opinion leaders to broaden students’ global outlook and leadership mentality.