In today’s digital era, Communication studies are becoming increasingly relevant across multiple professions. In addition to an experience rich in cultural immersion, studying abroad with SAI allows you to choose from diverse and interesting coursework investigating how audiences receive and respond to various forms of media. Coursework covers a large variety of special interest groups, including Fashion, Tourism, Sports, Broadcasting, Politics, Culture/Lifestyle and Investigative Reporting. You can also capitalize on the abroad experience by taking classes that explore international copyright and media law, travel writing and/or travel marketing. SAI partner schools are situated in cultural capitals of Europe, allowing for access to a multitude of international corporations, print, and media outlets.  By living and studying in these cultural hubs, you can explore how companies develop and diffuse their brand identity throughout major cities and beyond. Studying abroad will allow you to think about various business sectors in a global context.

Communication includes: Advertising • Communication • Journalism & Mass Communication • Media • Public Relations • Publishing