Why Choosing A Homestay Was Worth It For Me
Nicole, Spring 2024, Paris
March 18, 2024

The view of the city from my room.

Studying abroad is a big change for many. Some may have already lived far from family for school, but for people like me I’ve always had the option to go home when I wanted.
Living abroad has been a big adjustment for me. There were times in the first few weeks where I was really homesick, and the time difference only made it worse.
Living in a homestay didn’t necessarily cure homesickness, but it definitely helped me feel like I had a connection to community here.

Initially, I decided to do a homestay to learn more about Paris from someone who lives here. Since living here, my host mom has given me endless tips about the city, several recommendations on places to worth visiting, and has become someone I truly confide in. She’s welcomed me into her world and introduced me to people and opportunities I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise!

A corner of my room, which has beautiful gold detailing on the doors, original paintings my host mom collects, and is furnished with antiques!

Another reason to choose a homestay is to help improve your knowledge of the language! I went into the homestay wanting to leave as fluent in French as I could. My host mom and I are definitely still working on it, but her patience with me and my broken French is all I asked for! She’s made me feel so comfortable practicing and even offers to help me with my French homework.

Another picture of the view from the kitchen!

Another perk of living in a homestay is having dinner with your host family! With SAI, you have the option of either 3 meals or 5 meals a week. It’s so nice to come home from school with a meal already prepared for you, especially during the weeks where there’s a lot of schoolwork. I’ve gotten to try new meals that I never would’ve thought to try before! It’s also taught me a lot about how the French eat and what sort of foods they gravitate towards.

Living in a 19th century Haussmann building, my room has these beautiful crowning moldings on the ceiling!

Every host family is different, but I’m so grateful for the family I got. It’s just me and my host mom and she’s the sweetest! She treats me like her own. She does my laundry, makes me coffee in the morning, and buys me the yogurt she knows I really like!

There are so many perks of living in a homestay that are unique to each family. For me, a homestay has decidedly been a more affordable and immersive experience. I still have a lot of freedom and independence, especially with having my own room. And I’ve been fortunate enough that my host mom is an antique furniture seller, so the entire apartment is beautifully furnished with vintage furniture, paintings, and cute knick knacks!

One of the paintings my host mom has hanging up!

Living in a homestay was so worth it for me. It’s truly become a home away from home.

Another picture of the view because it’s just so pretty!

Written by: Nicole, Spring 2024 Paris student from Parsons School of Design

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