Faculty-Led & Custom Programs

These were phenomenal programs and SAI went above and beyond! Housing was perfect and communication was always excellent. SAI staff could not have been more accommodating!Dr. Donna Albano, Professor, Stockton University School of Business (Faculty Leader, Italy and Spain)

Customized study abroad programs offer faculty leaders unique and innovative opportunities for teaching their students and helping them connect with course content in new and meaningful ways. Students are exposed to different cultures and are challenged to step outside of their comfort zones, resulting in greater global engagement and cultural competence. Custom programs also provide increased access to students that might not normally be able to go abroad and inspire further international endeavors and career paths. SAI recognizes that successful programs are collaborative efforts, built on a commitment to academic excellence and enhancing cultural awareness; they result in life-changing experiences and lasting memories for both students and faculty alike.

SAI can assist you in the design and delivery of culturally relevant academic and professional development programs for your students throughout Italy, France and Spain. With over 25 years of experience, we have the framework and expertise to create one-of-a-kind learning experiences. Our knowledgeable on-site staff members offer access to local resources and exclusive activities that align with and enhance your course curriculum. Your program can be tailored to meet your needs, from time of year and duration, to locations and activities. The possibilities are truly endless!

SAI’s custom programs include:

  • Authentic cultural and learning experiences, including guest lectures, specialty visits, tours and hands-on demonstrations
  • Expert, flexible and friendly on-site staff in all locations
  • Logistical arrangements and support including transportation, housing & meals
  • In-depth onsite orientations that inform students of local cultures and guidelines for safety
  • Fully equipped classrooms, art and design studios, and meeting facilities
  • Comprehensive health and safety protocols that focus on prevention & robust crisis management procedures
  • Simple and easy online registration process

Working with SAI means building a partnership. We provide access to resources and local networks that will make your program a success!

Designing and executing a successful program starts with your vision. SAI will consult with you to understand how best to structure a program that meets your academic and learning goals, is logistically manageable and affordable. Our dedicated local experts are skilled in researching trends and current issues to better inform you of the many opportunities available. Programs can be designed at the high school, undergraduate, graduate and professional levels and can run anywhere from 7 days to 15 weeks, and include full semesters, January terms, spring breaks, and summer sessions.

Collaborate with SAI’s local cultural experts and program planners to:

  • Identify the program concept, goals and budget
  • Take advantage of local resources and support networks
  • Supplement course content through onsite visits and activities
  • Collaborate on the planning details, timeline, budgeting and recruitment
  • Confirm final details for pre-departure and arrival
  • Encourage open dialogue and reflection with participants and SAI staff
  • Obtain feedback through evaluations and discussions

We focus on providing superior logistical, cultural, health and safety support, so that you can focus on connecting with your students.

Student health, safety and wellbeing are at the core of SAI’s services. SAI Health and Safety Committee works to ensure that each program includes:

  • Experienced and trained onsite staff that give personal care and attention
  • Unlimited 24/7 emergency support while onsite
  • Comprehensive pre-departure information and updates
  • International student health insurance, as requested
  • A network of on-call English-speaking doctors and medical professionals
  • Liability coverage that includes your school on the policy, as requested
  • Robust Health, Safety and Emergency Management Protocols
  • Regular updates on the local situation prior to any registration or payment deadlines.

SAI’s Custom Programs team consists of experienced study abroad professionals and local cultural experts that are committed to bringing your vision to life. Our team will be by your side every step of the way, from program ideation to completion. Our personalized approach is based on providing flexibility and removing any barriers in the way. We take care of the details so that you can concentrate on the big picture and build/transform your curriculum into an amazing experience abroad.

Dr. Edna Wilson, Vice President of Academic Affairs
Lisa Guido, Director of European Programs
Jordan Wood, Onsite Program Director
Marco Minuti, Custom Programs Coordinator

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