Food Production and Consumption in Italy Faculty Led Program
Madeline, Summer 2024, Rome Faculty Led Program
July 8, 2024

Hi everyone! My name is Madeline LaMont and I just returned home from Italy on a three week food production and consumption tour! During our three week journey we went to over 10 cities in Italy, learning how some of the country’s most famous food and beverages are made. Starting in Sicily we had opportunities to learn about how espresso is made and manufactured along with olive oil, pasta, sun dried tomatoes,wine and more. Not only did we learn about the backbone of Italy’s food economy, but also the love and effort that goes into making these foods. With most of these businesses being family-owned, we were welcomed with open arms and given copious amounts to taste. I think mine might have been the parmesan reggiano cheese tasting!


While many of our days were filled with knowledge on food, we had many opportunities to explore the cities and what they offered around us. We went cliff jumping into the Mediterranean, we hiked up an active volcano, Mt. Etna, we saw all the sights there were to see including famous artworks like the David in Florence, or Michealngo’s Sistine Chapel in Rome.

Overall, the trip was life-changing. We dove right into the culture of each city, allowing us to become acclimated to the region’s choice of bread, wine, cheese, meat etc. Each day I learned something new about the food I have eaten all my life and have grown an immense respect for it. While the food was undoubtedly spectacular, so were the views of the valleys, mountains , sea, and cities. Many times I was left with a gaping mouth peering into towns that looked as if they hopped off a fictional page.

All in all, the memories, friendships, and tastes still lingering in my mouth will be ones I will treasure for a lifetime. Thank you to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences for this incredible opportunity with the renowned professor, Dr. Sims! Happy traveling!

Written by: Madeline, Summer 2024, Rome University of Florida Faculty Led Program – Food Production and Consumption in Italy

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