Why SAI?

At SAI we are proud to provide superior academic, living, social and cultural experiences that allow students to enjoy their time abroad, while nurturing their talents and challenging their minds. SAI students experience a blended educational and cultural environment that stresses academic integrity, high impact learning, leadership development and global awareness. The result is uniquely enhanced knowledge and skills for students preparing to enter the working world, pursuing graduate school, or seeking professional development.

Parents and faculty alike can relax knowing that their students are in great hands. We pair our exceptional academic offerings with robust services that are born out of our guiding principles:

Personal attention. We build relationships with our students and offer continuous advising throughout the study abroad experience. Each student is assigned an admissions counselor who carefully guides them through their pre-departure planning, as well as their return home and transcripts. Our full-time on-site staff in each location welcome students and provide a wealth of services and support in-country.

Community emphasis. Our programs are designed with the community in mind. Students build lasting relationships, both with one another and locals, through an array of community-building activities and coursework.

Immersive experience. We provide opportunities for students to immerse themselves in their host language, culture and lifestyle, through volunteering, internships, family homestays, and excursions.

Safety and support. Our on-site staff provide valuable support to all students, including a welcoming space for students to communicate personal and academic concerns, on-demand support for medical emergencies, and the comfort of knowing that experienced staff are always on hand, 24/7.

Let us think through all the details, allowing you to focus on thriving.

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