AUP Internships

Semester study abroad students at AUP are able to enroll in credit-bearing internships. However, students are¬†responsible for finding, applying for, and obtaining their internships themselves. AUP’s Internship Office is available to assist with ideas, contacts, and interview techniques, but their main role is in compiling the required government paperwork, providing support and guidance throughout the internship, and awarding U.S. credit for properly completed internships.

Only degree-seeking (from any University) students can attain an internship in France. Students who are not currently enrolled in a University with intention to complete a degree will not be able to intern during their time abroad. AUP recommends that students only conduct an internship when they are studying abroad in their second term. This ensures that students become acclimated to living in Paris and studying abroad before they add on another responsibility. Additionally, this allows students to identify and confirm their internship while they are in their first term. However, motivated students can have success, in particular those who are able to secure an internship prior to their arrival in Paris. Please note that many internships in France require that students are fluent in French, which can often be limiting.

Internships at AUP can be completed for credit or not. Credit-bearing internships (3-4 credits) can replace one of your courses, thereby evening out course-loads. In such cases, internships can be no more than 20 hours per week.

Requirements for attaining an internship at AUP:

  • Students need to intern for a minimum of 160 hours for 3-4 credits (maximum 20 hours/week), and 120 hours for no credit.
  • The internship may only take place during the session dates.
  • Students must prove that they are currently registered at another University, from which they intend to graduate (only degree-seeking students may obtain an internship in France). Students’ official transcripts are used for this proof.
  • At time of visa application, students must apply for the right to work in France as a student.
  • Students complete an Internship portfolio, due at the end of the session.

Further details regarding internships are provided at orientation in-country.