Sant'Anna Institute Internships

Motivated SAI semester and summer study abroad students at Sant’Anna Institute are able to apply for unpaid internships for academic credit. Students are placed in internships that complement their major or minor and provide unique applied experience in local organizations. Internship students complete related coursework during the term, participate in weekly on-site activities, and submit a final reflective paper about the internship experience.

Summer Part-Time Internships: Summer I and Summer II students may apply for a 3 credit part-time internships. Summer III students may apply for a 3 or 6 credit internship.

Semester Part-Time Internships: Fall and Spring Semester students may apply for a 3 credit or 6 credit internship as part of an elective semester program.

Sample Internship Placements

Arts & Humanities

  • Archaeology: excavation project, archaeological non-profit
  • Architecture, interior design: architecture studio
  • Art History: local foundation for arts & culture, museums
  • Education, ESL: private language institute, youth summer camp
  • Italian studies: private language institute, youth summer camp
  • Journalism, English: local online & printed publications
  • Arts Management & Visual Culture: contemporary art gallery, jewelry collective, museums
  • Design: handmade jewelry studio

Natural Sciences

  • Environmental science, marine biology: local protected marine area organization
  • Geology / volcanology: volcano observatory, private geological studio
  • Nutrition and community health: Mediterranean culinary school; farm-to-table restaurant
  • Pharmaceutical science: pharmacy
  • Veterinary science: veterinary studio

Management and International Business

  • Emergency management: volcano observatory
  • Event management: independent wedding planner, wedding/events department within a hotel, concert & events agency, florist
  • Fashion merchandising: locally owned boutiques
  • Hospitality, tourism and Food & Beverage Management: b&b, travel agency, fine dining restaurant, boutique hotel
  • Human services management: center for diversely abled adults, Sant’Anna Institute
  • International business: event agency, 5 star hotel, charter boat company
  • International relations, communications: Sorrento town hall international office
  • Leadership, student wellness: Sant’Anna Institute
  • Marketing: travel agency, fine dining restaurant, charter boat company, art gallery, health center, boutique hotel, Sant’Anna Institute
  • Sports business, fitness management: wellness center

Social Sciences:

  • Sustainability and Social Activism: NGO working on sustainability and social impact, urban renewal, public art, and fighting hunger & food waste
  • Women’s studies, Cooperation and Development: NGO office for the social inclusion of refugees in Naples

How to Apply

Students wishing to participate in an internship during their program select the Internship program add-on at application, and submit the following additional application items:

  • SA internship application; emailed once the SAI application is received
  • Resume and cover letter
  • 2 letters of recommendation (professional or academic)

Upon receipt of the internship materials, applicants complete a Skype interview with the SA internship coordinator. Please note that there is an additional internship fee.

Please note: Internships at Sant’Anna Institute require a certain amount of completed major coursework prior to applying. Underclassmen may not be eligible but are welcome to apply.