Sant'Anna Institute Internships

Motivated SAI semester and summer study abroad students at Sant’Anna Institute are able to enroll in unpaid for-credit or non-credit internships. Students are placed in internships that complement their major or minor and provide unique applied experience in local organizations. Internship students complete related coursework during the term, participate in weekly on-site activities, and submit a final reflective paper about the internship experience. All students are encouraged to enroll in a concurrent Italian language course. Internships are available in the following SA programs:

Summer Part-Time Internships: 3 credit part-time internships can be completed during the 5 week and 10 week programs.

Semester Part-Time Internships: 3 credit, 6 credit, or non-credit part-time internships can be completed as part of an elective semester program.

Semester Full-Time Internships: students enrolled in the Fall Semester Internship program can complete a 9 or 12 credit internship.

Sample Internship Placements

Arts & Humanities

  • Architecture & Interior Design: Alfaro Architecture, Fiorentino Architecture
  • Journalism: Surrentum magazine, Sant’Anna Institute, Sorrento Town Hall
  • Studio Arts: Ceramics, Photography, & Inlaid Woodworking: Raffaele Celentano Photography Gallery, Inlaid Wood Museum
  • Voice Performance

Business & Administration Studies

  • Business Administration, Communications & Marketing: Inedito Eventi (Event Planning), Tempio Travel (travel agency), Central Fitness, Ulysse Gym and Spa, The Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, Hotel La Favorita, Palazzo Marziale B&B, Hotel Le Terrazze, Palazzo Montefusco B&B
  • Sports & Fitness Management: Ulysse Gym and Spa, Move Up Gym, Central Fitness, Palagiò Gym

Hospitality & Tourism

  • Hospitality: The Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, Hotel La Favorita, Palazzo Marziale B&B, Seven Hostel, Giglio Travel, Hotel Europa Palace, Hotel Le Terrazze, Palazzo Montefusco B&B
  • Culinary Arts: Il Buco Restaurant, Tasso Restaurant, Don Peppe Bakery, Caruso Restaurant, Bougainvillea Bakery, Zi’ntonio Restaurant

Natural & Health Sciences

  • Environmental Studies, Marine Biology, & Sustainability: The Protected Marine Area of Punta Campanella
  • Pharmaceutical Science: Farfalla Pharmacy
  • Nutrition: Ercolano (nutritionist), Fattoria Terranova (farm and km-zero restaurant)
  • Veterinary Science: Gli Amici del Cuore (veterinarian)

Social Science

  • Civic Engagement: Sant’Anna Institute
  • Education: Sorrento Lingue, San Paolo Institute, Sorrento Town Hall, Sorrento Cathedral
  • Social Work: Religious and Hospice Centers, Volunteer Groups

How to Apply

Students wishing to participate in an internship during their program select the Internship program add-on at application, and submit the following additional application items:

  • SA internship application; emailed once the SAI application is received
  • Resume and cover letter

Upon receipt of the internship materials, applicants complete a Skype interview with the SA internship coordinator. Please note that there is an additional internship fee.

About SAI

SAI is dedicated to providing academic and cultural learning experiences abroad that enhance global awareness, professional development and social responsibility. We concentrate our programs in Europe, with a focus on in-depth learning of individual European countries and their unique global role in the geopolitical economy, humanities, and in the arts.