Health & Safety Alerts


October 9, 2023: The SAI Health & Safety Committee is closely monitoring the Israel-Gaza conflict, in particular any potential impact on our locations in Italy, Spain and France. At present, the US Department of State Travel Advisories for SAI host countries have remained unchanged at Level 2 – Exercise Increased Caution. We will continue to keep a close eye on the evolving situation, and continue to encourage students currently abroad to use common sense precautions.


For all updates and alerts related to the continuing COVID-19 situation, please see COVID-19 Updates.


For general information regarding SAI health and safety services see Health & Safety. Following are some important health and safety resources:

Crisis Communication

We encourage students and their families to discuss and establish a contact system that can be used in the event of a crisis on either side. In most instances of crisis, parents or guardians should attempt to contact students first before they attempt to contact individuals at SAI in order to gain reassurance of their safety.

Emergency Phone Numbers

The SAI on-site emergency phones are intended for use by students currently attending an SAI program. We invite parents of currently enrolled students to make use of emergency phones only in cases when the US office is closed and there is a true emergency. Otherwise, please wait and contact the US office during business hours at 1-800-655-8965.

City Phone Number (from U.S.)
Florence after-hours emergency phone +39 340 684 7699
Rome after-hours emergency phone +39 340 831 3219
Milan after-hours emergency phone +39 340 270 0668
Sorrento after-hours emergency phone +39 333 329 1891
Siena after-hours emergency phone +39 347 585 5158
Sicily after-hours emergency phone +39 375 503 8158‬
Barcelona after-hours emergency phone +34 644 775 874
Paris after-hours emergency phone +33 7 49 00 64 33