FERPA Release Form
  • I understand that under the provision of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), 20 USC Section 1232g, my records at SAI cannot be released to a third party without my approval. SAI must have signed consent from me before educational information can be released to a third party. This waiver will be used in conjunction with SAI study abroad programs only.

    I hereby grant permission to authorized personnel at SAI to release my academic and other records described below and/or the information contained therein to my Home institution, parents or legal guardians, and all appropriate U.S. and foreign governmental agencies. The purposes of this release are to keep SAI and my home institution advised of my progress in the study abroad program in which I am participating and to permit SAI to provide information as requested or required by U.S. and foreign governmental agencies.

    The records and information I authorize to be disclosed by SAI are:

    • Academic transcript or other records relating to my academic performance;
    • Records reflecting disciplinary issues, sanctions or proceedings;
    • Information regarding health, medical or emergency situations during my study abroad program;
    • Records reflecting financial aid and student accounts affecting my status at SAI;
    • Other personally identifiable information as deemed necessary by SAI.

    I understand that by signing this release form I am voluntarily waiving certain rights granted to me by FERPA. Furthermore, I understand that I have the right to revoke my consent at any time by notification in writing to SAI.

  • Academic Information

  • Acknowledgement