Milan: Italy’s Crown Jewel

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There are many important cultural cross-roads in Italy, locations which have blossomed over the centuries into great cities where diverse currents of thought, commerce and tradition converge. Rome, Venice, Florence, Ravenna, Sorrento, Syracuse: each of these communities can boast its own proud history. But few cities in all of Europe can claim both deep historical significance and vital contemporary relevance in so many domains as Milan.

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2011 SAI Faculty Fellow

Dr. Jeffrey Lieber

SAI is pleased to announce that Dr. Jeffrey Lieber, Assistant Professor of Art History and Visual Culture at The New School in New York,  is SAI’s first Faculty Fellow selected from 47 applicants from 28 U.S. colleges and universities. SAI established the Faculty Fellows Program for SAI affiliate schools to recognize faculty from U.S.colleges and universities who are engaged in scholarship activities that promote global awareness and deepen the understanding of the arts and humanities.

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SAI’s New Program – Sorrento

Beginning in Summer 2011, SAI will offer a variety of program options throughout the academic year in the beautiful coastal city of Sorrento.  We are pleased to announce the launch of a new partnership with the Sant’Anna Institute—Sorrento Lingue. After more than two years of planning and assessment, SAI selected the Sant’Anna Institute-Sorrento Lingue from among several possible sites because of the Institute’s many advantages for students and faculty.

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