Diversity Courses Abroad
January 16, 2023

The values of diversity and inclusion are embodied by the twenty-seven member countries of the European Union. As a global crossroads of creativity, commerce, and culture, Europe stands out as a region that celebrates both the individual’s rights and the perfectibility of human institutions. For decades, Europe’s commitment to liberty and self-expression has existed alongside a deeply-held commitment to crafting a more just society through democratic means. Europe is an ideal destination for students who wish to explore diversity-related academic themes, while experiencing first-hand the fruits of living in a pluralistic society.

Below is a partial list of destinations and courses which highlight diversity, both in theory and in action:

At its heart, Paris is an inspiring kaleidoscope of languages, cultural backgrounds, and lifestyles. Famous for its art, food, and cosmopolitan energy, The City of Light has much to offer, both in and out of the classroom.

American University of Paris:

  • GS 2008 Gender-Identity, Sexual Orientation & the Cinema
  • GS 2010 Psychology and Gender
  • GS 2006 Contemporary Feminist Theory
  • GS 3076 Modern Sexualities in the Process of Writing
  • GS 3004 Communicating Fashion
  • GS 2016 Gender and Sexuality: Global Perspectives

Walking in Montmartre, Paris.


The old saying that “all roads lead to Rome” serves as a vivid reminder that throughout the centuries the Eternal City has drawn together diverse populations from across the Mediterranean world. The well-spring of Rome’s frenetic, joyful energy is her people; citizens who celebrate their differences, as well as their common humanity.

John Cabot University:

  • CMS 355 Media and Genre: Queer Cinema
  • CMS 360 Race and Gender in Popular Media
  • CMS 320 Cultural Resistance
  • CMS 353 Women in Film
  • CMS/PL 312 Social Media, Social Movements, and Social Change
  • CMS 355 Media and Genre: Black Cinema and Critical Race Theory
  • CMS 365 Social Media: Identities and Culture
  • EN 396 History of Literature: 50 Women
  • PH 310 Women in Philosophy
  • PH/PL 312 Freedom, Equality, and Democracy
  • PL 230 Human Rights
  • SOSC 208 Sociology of Sex and Gender
  • SOSC/GDR Introduction to Gender Studies
  • PS 337 Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination
  • PL 375 Politics of Gender

Rome students during a cooking class!

History and natural beauty come together in the city of Sorrento. Located on the exquisite Amalfi Coast and famed for her abundant citrus groves, Sorrento provides a window into the richness of southern Italian heritage. At once proud of her history and open to the world, this city welcomes visitors from all corners of the globe to share in the abundance of Sorrentine hospitality.

Sant’Anna Institute:

  • WGS Intro to Women’s and Gender Studies
  • OL 375 Human Rights

Sorrento students in the main Piazza at the end of their semester.

Home to Dante Alighieri. Birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. Leonardo da Vinci’s workshop. Over the years, Florence has been at the epicenter of some of the most significant developments in European cultural history. That taste for progress continues to this day, as Florence pushes the boundaries of art, fashion, and industry into the twenty-first century.

Florence University of the Arts:

  • GSDGSR350 Love, Sex and Marriage in Renaissance Italy
  • GSDGSH300 #MeToo and Sexual Harassment
  • GSDGIF285 Multiculturalism, Food, and Religions in the Italian-French Riviera
  • GSDGNN350 Neapolitan Novels: Elena Ferrante’s Southern Italy
  • GSDGWL290 Love Letters of Great Men and Women

Florence students on a day trip to San Gimignano

The courses listed above may not be available during every term. Additionally, course availability and offerings can change. Please contact SAI Admissions for up-to-date information about what is being offered during the term you are considering.

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