Six Summer 2023 Programs under $6,000
January 19, 2023

Study abroad prices can be daunting, so we’ve compiled a list of our most affordable summer programs to help you get started on your adventure! And don’t forget, we offer you a helping hand every step of the way. Think of us as your guides to an unforgettable experience.

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Here are 6 summer 2023 programs under $6,000:

We love Barcelona!

BARCELONA | Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (6 weeks / 3-6 credits)

UAB offers coursework in art history, business, economics, history, language, and more. Spend your summer soaking up the sun in Spain’s most vibrant city!

Summer I 2023 program fee:

  • 3 credits: $5,350
  • 6 credits: $5,950

Just over: students can earn 9 credits for a program fee of $6,680

SIENA | Siena Intercultural Studies (3 weeks / 4 credits)

Walking through the winding streets of Siena is akin to entering a fairytale. SIS gives students the opportunity to have a truly authentic Italian experience while immersing relevant coursework: Italian language, natural science, and Italian history.

Maymester 2023 program fee:

  • 4 credits: $4,950

Paris students enjoying the views

PARIS | Cours de Civilisation Francaise de la Sorbonne (5 weeks / 3 credits)

Learn French language and culture in the place that it all began amongst an international cohort of students. CCFS offers all levels of French language, with an emphasis on perfecting everyday usage through interaction with instructors and classmates.

Summer I 2023 program fee:

  • 3 credits: $5,975

Nothing beats abroad friends

SICILY | Syracuse Academy (4 weeks / 3 credits)

Join a community of students interested in an immersive academic experience while studying relevant coursework in a beautiful seaside setting. Subject areas include: Italian language, Mediterranean history and culture, environment and biodiversity.

Summer I & Summer II 2023 program fee (dates vary):

  • 3 language credits: $4,400

Florence students hiking to Piazzale Michelangelo

FLORENCE | Florence University of the Arts (3 weeks / 3 credits)

FUA’s diverse courses offer something for almost any major, a few subject areas include: business, fine arts, fashion, communication, hospitality, liberal arts, health science, and more. Spend your summer in the heart of the Renaissance exploring the best of what Tuscany has to offer.

Summer I, Summer II, Summer III, & Summer IV program fee (dates vary):

  • 3 credits: $5,000

Just over: students can earn 6 credits for a program fee of $6,500

SAI Barcelona students, exploring Seville

BARCELONA | Universitat Pompeu Fabra (4 weeks / 3-6 credits)

Gain a deeper understanding of Spain, and Barcelona in particular, by enrolling in a summer course at UPF that delves into the cultural context of your subject. Find inspiration in the energy of the city and the calm of its beautiful beaches.

Summer I 2023 program fee:

  • 3 credits: $4,900
  • 6 credits: $5,700

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