To the Max
Cristina, Rome, Spring 2013
April 22, 2013

This month I begin to see everything around me with even more appreciation, since I know that soon my study abroad experience will come to an end. I really feel a lot of gratitude towards the SAI program which has made this study abroad experience an unforgettable and unique time of my life. I have had some time to reflect and I can see that I am truly having the time of my life here, and that I am so lucky to be here and also that I want to encourage my friends to go abroad when I go back. I have seen myself grow so much and I have experience things that make me appreciate everything that I have back home, such as a simply thing of not having to pay to use the restroom everywhere I go.

This past month I have traveled a lot too, I went to the Tuscany trip with the SAI program, it was the best weekend I have had so far. I loved every single town we visited; I did not know such beautiful places even existed. We got to enjoy the thermal baths at the nice villas we stayed at and I also got to go horseback riding. The whole weekend was amazing. I also traveled to Spain, which I loved since I was able to see my ancestor’s culture. I have also been able to explore many places in Italy which include: San Giovanni Rotondo, Assisi, the Amalfi Coast, and Pisa and I loved them all. For my spring break I went to Greece and I finally got to meet Santorini which was in my bucket list, not to mention that it was a gorgeous.

I really cannot believe this experience that I will be able to remember the rest of my life. I go crazy taking pictures because I know that pictures will be my form of remembering all that I am living right now. I could have not come at a better time to Rome, being able to once again experience and be part of history is just unbelievable. I was able to presence the conclave and see the first Latin American pope ever elected, I am very proud! My only goal this last month here is to enjoy and appreciate everything I have right now to the max.

Cristina, St. Norbert College

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