One Adventure After Another
Sarah, Rome, Fall 2012
November 8, 2012

I have been in Rome now for a little over a month and it has been nothing but one adventure after another. This is my first time out of the United States and it was quite the culture shock before I even got out of Fiumicino. I was lucky enough to travel with my good friend back home so all the challenges we came across we faced together. Once we were finally in the car on the way to our new apartments we thought we had nothing left to worry about. That was until our driver stopped on the side of a busy road and pointed in the general direction we would find our apartment. It was a busy night as it usually is here and we found ourselves making a little bit of a show as our bags rolled across the cobble stone and we turned around multiple times. It only took about a week and a half to find our way around Trastevere and I wouldn’t hesitate to call myself a Trastevere pro now.

Aside from the wonderful sights in Rome, we have made some amazing trips. Umbria was incredible and definitely not something I could have seen on my own. The Amalfi coast is a must, just make sure to check the weather because getting drenched on our way to the hotel was a little bit of a day killer. The views are unbelievable and Sorrento was a nice break from Rome. We made a trip to Tivoli to see the gardens. Once again we ran in to some complications and didn’t get there till they closed but we had a breathtaking view from our restaurant and the town is adorable, easily worth the 4 euro train ticket. One day we will have a trip that goes smoothly but until then its good to remember that you are in Italy, and there is always something beautiful, romantic, and/or historic to be seen even if you don’t get to your planned destination.

As we are often reminded, however, this is not just a trip we are also here to study. John Cabot is very similar to my home university and it has quickly become somewhat of a home to me. My classes are challenging enough to keep me busy and I have some great professors that make class very interesting. Up next is Greece, Germany, and Belgium!

Sarah – Saint Mary’s College of California


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